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Yew shrub

You Shouldn’t Throw Yew Trimmings to Ewes

Cale Bigelow spot sprays dandelion

It is Important to Read and Follow Pesticide Labels

poison ivy

Leaves of Three, Let It Be

mower injury to base of tree

Ten Ways to Kill a Tree (or Hasten its Demise)

tree surface roots

What to do With Tree Surface Roots

Eastern mole

Nuisance Wildlife Management Workshop Will Help You With Problem Critters

wheat in flower

Wheat May Be at Risk for Head Scab


Moles and Voles – What’s the Difference?

person planting a tree

Arbor Day – Planting a Tree Correctly

planting several trees in area

Arbor Day – Choosing the Right Tree

Slow-moving vehicle (SMV) sign

Road and Farm Safety this Spring

Dandelion in lawn

Early Lawn Activities to Consider

pesticide sprayer

Be Proactive – Consider FieldWatch Registries

dairy cows grazing

Agriculture is Important to Everyone


Learn Best Practices at Pond & Fish Management Workshop

clump of crabgrass in lawn

Do You Get Crabby About Crabgrass?

evergreen trees in winter

Identifying and Choosing Evergreen Trees

Purdue Extension.

Produce Safety Alliance Training March 19 in Goshen

female tree-of-heaven with seed load

Tree-of-Heaven Not So Heavenly

young tree in winter

Winter Pruning of Woody Ornamentals

leaf exhibiting leaf spots and necrosis

Plant Disease Symptoms You Could Notice in Your Home Landscape

spongy moth caterpillar

Spongy Moth – New Name, Same Serious Threat

Purdue Extension.

Take Speed Tests with Your Home Internet

Michael Langemeier

Economic Tools to Help with Farm Management Decisions

growing corn and grain bins

Highlights of Recent Agricultural Production

Whitley County 4-H Fair


4-H Awards & Scholarships


callery pear

Consider Replacing Landscape Plants That Have Become Invasive

4-H Logo


4-H Awards & Scholarships


4-H livestock


Fort Wayne Farm Show

Come to the 2024 Fort Wayne Farm Show

Gardener holding garden tools

Three New Year’s Resolutions for Homeowners to Consider

country road

2024 News Archive - Agriculture and Natural Resources, Whitley County

4-H clover


Christmas tree brought for recycling

Recycle Your Christmas Tree

Christmas tree

Caring for Real Christmas Trees

Dull's Christmas Tree Farm near Thorntown

Considerations When Choosing a Real Christmas Tree

USDA Hardiness Zones

USDA Releases Updated Plant Hardiness Zone Map

purple paint: keep out

Reminder: If You See Purple Paint, Keep Out

Purdue Extension.


Fall leaves

Fallen Leaves and Tree Maintenance in Autumn

corn harvest

Slow Corn Drydown in 2023 – Why?


Enjoy Pumpkins


Check Evergreens for Bagworms

combine dumping grain into wagon

No One Can Take Your Place

brown recluse spider next to quarter

Spiders: Good or Bad?

Purdue Extension.


Sheep grazing sorghum

Utilize Sorghums for Grazing Animals Prior to Frost


Consider Installing a Windbreak

young trees

Forestry Tour to Highlight Young Forest Management

tree of heaven leaf

Identifying Tree-of-Heaven

bumblebee on coneflower

Yellow and Black – Will it Attack?

thin turf

Now is the Time to Improve your Home Lawn

Purdue Entomology Professor Christian Krupke at the Agronomy Center for Research and Education, inspecting alfalfa plot for the presence of alfalfa weevils

Seed Alfalfa by Mid-August in Northern Indiana

annual cicada

The Song of the Annual Cicadas

Spotted lanternfly nymphs - early instars 1-3

Watch for Spotted Lanternfly Nymphs

ice cream tubs

Here’s the Scoop: It’s National Ice Cream Month

drought-stressed turf

Understanding Two Common Turfgrass Diseases

Northeast Purdue Agricultural Center sign

Plan to Attend Sept. 13 NEPAC Field Day

bumblebee on coneflower

Pollinators are Important

poison ivy

Avoid the Itch

oak wilt symptoms in branch and leaves

Plant Diseases of Concern in Indiana

Spotted lanternfly nymphs

Insect Pests of Concern in Indiana


Monitor Weather and Potential Risk for Head Scab of Wheat

surface roots

Tree Surface Roots in the Landscape


Arbor Day and Mulching Trees

a tree poorly pruned

Pruning Trees Correctly and Recognizing Risky Trees

person fishing in a pond

Pond and Fish Management

spray boom

Changes to Pesticide Applicator Regulations

opening bud in snow

How Did Your Plants Fare This Winter?

poorly pruned tree

Learn to Prune Trees Correctly and Recognize Risk Factors

jumping worm

Gardeners Urged to Look for Invasive Jumping Worms

family farmers, 50 years of Ag Day

National Ag Day and Whitley County Agriculture

biography of William Carroll Latta

Origins of the Cooperative Extension System and Purdue Extension

John Purdue statue

The Birth of Land-Grant Institutions and Purdue University

Sign indicating Purdue research area

Purdue Extension – a Research-Based Information Source

poison hemlock

Recognizing and Managing Poison Hemlock

garlic mustard

Managing Garlic Mustard

autumn olive

Invasive Species: Autumn Olive

Master Gardeners at a Master Gardener Symposium

Twenty-Five Years of Extension Master Gardeners in Whitley County

spruce trees covered with snow

Should Gardeners Hope for Snow?

grain cart dumping soybeans

Highlights of Recent Agricultural Production

potted plants

Indoor Plant Care

country road

2023 News Archive - Agriculture and Natural Resources, Whitley County

snowy road lined with trees

How Much Snow This Winter?

Christmas tree

Recycle Your Christmas Tree



red poinsettia

Caring for Poinsettias

house mouse

The House Mouse

commercial vegetable field

Beginning Farmer - How to Plan, Support and Grow your Farm

Scene from Purdue Crop Management Workshop

Purdue Specialist Announces 2023 Crop Management Workshops

home lawn

Ending Lawn Activities and Looking Toward Spring


Be Vigilant – It’s Prime Time for Deer-Vehicle Collisions

Purdue Extension.

Private Applicator Program to Help Producers Identify Weeds

Brown marmorated stink bug

This Home Invader Stinks

high tunnel with row covers over vegetables

Freeze Date Tool Offers Historical Reference to Growers

white pine losing older needles in fall

Evergreen Needles Don’t Last Forever

boxelder bugs

Boxelder Bugs May Be “Knocking” on Your Door


Fall Pumpkins

combine unloading corn to truck parked on road

Safety is Important to Everyone

mums of varying color

Beautiful Queen of Autumn – Chrysanthemum

a group of students sampling soils

Soil Tests Take Guesswork out of Fertilization


Enhancing Your Landscape Aesthetics with Flowering Bulbs

tar spot of maple

Large Spots on Maple Leaves that Look Like Tar

Spotted lanternfly 4th instar nymphs

New Invasive Insect Pest Found in Northern Indiana


Bees and Wasps in and Around Homes


Blue Roadside Flower - Chicory

deer in field

Venison Processing Workshops

Vegetables at farmer's market

Explore and Experience Local Food


Understanding Agriculture: Goats

sheep in pasture

Understanding Agriculture: Sheep

sow with pigs

Understanding Agriculture: Swine

beef in pasture

Understanding Agriculture: Beef


Understanding Agriculture: Poultry

Master Gardeners

Purdue Extension Master Gardener Program Seeking New Crop of Volunteers

dairy animals in pasture

Understanding Agriculture: Dairy

Northeast Purdue Agricultural Center sign

Plan to Attend Aug. 25 NEPAC Field Day

forage crop for hay

Understanding Agriculture – Growing Hay

Purdue Extension.

Purdue Extension to host June 21 Seed Treatment Workshop


Understanding Agriculture - Growing Wheat


Understanding Agriculture – Growing Soybeans


Understanding Agriculture – Growing Corn

black cutworm

Purdue Experts Urge Scouting for High-Risk Seedling Corn Soon

Purdue Extension.

Holes in Tree Trunks

honey bee swarm

You Have a Honey Bee Swarm? Stay Calm and Call a Beekeeper (Part 2)

honey bee swarm

You Have a Honey Bee Swarm? Stay Calm and Call a Beekeeper (Part 1)

Lindsey Purcell

Select an Appropriate Tree to Plant on Arbor Day


Ticks Should Not Be Trifled With

farm equipment on road

Be Patient on Roads During Planting Season

American hornbeam leaf and fruit

Identifying Trees

large crabgrass in lawn

Preventing Crabgrass

vole damage


Eastern mole


callery pear

Invasive Species Week Shines Light on Troublesome Species

baby goat

Farm Animal Baby Names – Are You Kidding?

firewood stacked

Enjoy Firewood, but Insects May Emerge

winter trees

Dealing with Winter Damage of Trees and Shrubs

Purdue Extension.

Program to Help Farm Managers and Small Business Owners Become an ‘Employer of Choice’

Highlights of Recent Agricultural Production

Highlights of Recent Agricultural Production

Should I Plan to Add Sulfur to Crops?

Should I Plan to Add Sulfur to Crops?


Hotbeds and Cold Frames

Purdue Extension.

Purdue Extension to Offer ‘Mental Health First Aid’

grow lights

Starting Seeds Indoors

Purdue Extension.

2022 Fort Wayne Farm Show

country road

2022 News Archive - Agriculture and Natural Resources, Whitley County

People searching through binoculars

Purdue Extension Resources and Programs

pawpaw fruit

Pawpaw – the Indiana Banana?


Virtual Forest Management for the Private Woodland Owner Course

yellow poinsettia

Caring for Poinsettias

Purdue Extension.

Purdue Extension to host ‘Grow Your Farm’ Fridays

If You See Purple Paint, Keep Out

If You See Purple Paint, Keep Out

raised garden beds

Gardening in Containers and Raised Beds

lichen moss on tree trunk

Is That a “Fungus” on My Tree Trunk?

spray boom

Private Applicator Program to Review 2021 Crop Diseases and Insects

Yielding Mental Health on the Farm

Yielding Mental Health on the Farm

2022 Shaping up to be Challenging Year for Ag

2022 Shaping up to be Challenging Year for Ag

fall leaves

Alternatives to Raking and Burning Leaves

Bob Nielsen

Purdue Experts Update Nitrogen Management Guidelines for Corn in Indiana


Expert Advice for Fall Tree Care

oak leaf in fall

Autumn’s Sublime Display of Color

Purdue Extension.

Extension Homemakers Holiday Bazaar


Purdue’s INClimate Website Offers Storm of Useful Weather and Climate Information


It’s Autumn in Indiana, Time to Enjoy Apples!

Tar Spot; Photo: Darcy Telenko

Corn Yield Robber: Tar Spot

country road

2021 News Archive - Agriculture and Natural Resources, Whitley County

combine fills nearby truck bed with corn

Farm Safety Yields Results

extension office

Extension Program Assistant Job Opening

slime mold

Mulling Over Mysterious Matter in Mulch

Purdue Extension.

Whitley County Newsletters

Fall armyworm damage; photo credit: Jeff Burbrink

Invasion of Fall Armyworms

Purdue Extension.

This Bee Look-Alike Has No Sting

Purdue Extension.

What are Those Cobwebs in the Trees?

Purdue Extension.

Extension Master Gardener Program - Whitley County

Purdue Extension.

August is National Tree Check Month

Purdue Extension.

August is National Tree Check Month

Purdue Extension.

More Cicadas?

Purdue Extension.

New Invasive Insect Pest Found in Indiana

Purdue Extension.

FAQs - Agriculture and Natural Resources, Whitley County

Purdue Extension.

What Tree Should I Choose?

Purdue Extension.

What’s Eating My Garden Plants?

Purdue Extension.

Assessing Lighter Green Soybeans

Purdue Extension.

Take Great Care with Yew Trimmings

Purdue Extension.

Japanese Beetles are Emerging

Purdue Extension.

Whitley County 4-H Fair Foods & Livestock Auction

Purdue Extension.

Recognizing the Importance of Pollinators

Purdue Extension.

Preventing Mechanical Damage to Trees

Purdue Extension.

Poison Ivy - Let it Be

Purdue Extension.

Seek Small Bagworms on Evergreens

Purdue Extension.

Low Perceived Risk for Head Scab of Wheat

Purdue Extension.

Dealing with Ants

Purdue Extension.

Protect Ash Now from Emerald Ash Borer

Purdue Extension.

2021 Agriculture and Natural Resources News

Purdue Extension.

How Does Your Landscape Look After the Freeze?

Purdue Extension.

Periodical Cicadas – Are you Ready?

Purdue Extension.

Extension Master Gardeners

Purdue Extension.

Be Patient with Slow-Moving Equipment During Planting Season

Purdue Extension.

Lawn Activities to Avoid Early in the Season

Purdue Extension.

Early Lawn Activities to Consider

Purdue Extension.

Highlights of Recent Agricultural Production

Purdue Extension.

I Found Something Strange in my Garden

Purdue Extension.

Plan Your Landscape Planting

Purdue Extension.

Oh, Thunderation. Moles!

Purdue Extension.

Look for Invasive Species

Purdue Extension.

Plan Your Garden

Purdue Extension.

What is the Perfect Nitrogen Rate for Corn?

Purdue Extension.

Periodical Cicadas – Unhurried but Reliable Metamorphosis

Purdue Extension.

Once Popular Landscape Selection Found to be Invasive

Purdue Extension.

Sighting Coyotes – What Should you Do?

Purdue Extension.

Understanding Gardening Terms

Purdue Extension.

Pasture Management and Upcoming Free Field Day

Purdue Extension.

Three New Year’s Resolutions for Homeowners

Purdue Extension.

Private Applicators: Pesticides, Fertilizers

Purdue Extension.

2020 Woodland Management and Timber Marketing Webinars

Purdue Extension.

Industrial Hemp 101 Webinar Recording and Materials

Purdue Extension.

2020 Agriculture and Natural Resources News

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