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Forestry Tour to Highlight Young Forest Management

Forestry professionals will conduct a forestry tour in Whitley County on September 23 to highlight management practices of a young forest. Whitley County is home to Harrold Woodland, a Purdue University forest property located just west of Etna in northwest Whitley County.

Activities and topics to be covered include a walking tour of tree plantings from 1992 and 2006-07, red oak enrichment areas, 20-year-old clear-cut and group selection areas, a “forestry for the birds” talk about enriching habitat for local songbirds, storm damage management, and information on butternut. The day will conclude with remarks from Natural Resources Conservation Service personnel regarding federal cost-share programs available, and from Indiana Department of Natural Resources personnel on the Classified Forest and Wildlands program.

Lunch is included in the $10 registration cost. Register at

This event is hosted by Purdue Forestry & Natural Resources Department, Purdue Extension, Indiana DNR Division of Forestry, and Indiana Forestry & Woodland Owners Association. Organizers plan to sponsor other forestry tours in northeast Indiana in the coming years.

For more information on Harrold Woodland (including maps and directions), go to: 

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