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2023 Whitley County Posts

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purple paint: keep out

Reminder: If You See Purple Paint, Keep Out

fall leaves

Fallen Leaves and Tree Maintenance in Autumn

corn harvest

Slow Corn Drydown in 2023 – Why?


Enjoy Pumpkins


Check Evergreens for Bagworms

combine dumping grain into wagon

No One Can Take Your Place

brown recluse spider next to quarter

Spiders: Good or Bad?

Sheep grazing sorghum

Utilize Sorghums for Grazing Animals Prior to Frost


Consider Installing a Windbreak

young trees

Forestry Tour to Highlight Young Forest Management

tree of heaven leaf

Identifying Tree-of-Heaven

bumblebee on coneflower

Yellow and Black – Will it Attack?

thin turf

Now is the Time to Improve your Home Lawn

Purdue Entomology Professor Christian Krupke at the Agronomy Center for Research and Education, inspecting alfalfa plot for the presence of alfalfa weevils

Seed Alfalfa by Mid-August in Northern Indiana

annual cicada

The Song of the Annual Cicadas

Spotted lanternfly nymphs - early instars 1-3

Watch for Spotted Lanternfly Nymphs

ice cream tubs

Here’s the Scoop: It’s National Ice Cream Month

drought-stressed turf

Understanding Two Common Turfgrass Diseases

Northeast Purdue Agricultural Center sign

Plan to Attend Sept. 13 NEPAC Field Day

Purdue Pete with vegetables

The Rewards and Challenges of Growing Your Own Vegetables

bumblebee on coneflower

Pollinators are Important

poison ivy

Avoid the Itch

oak wilt symptoms in branch and leaves

Plant Diseases of Concern in Indiana

Spotted lanternfly nymphs

Insect Pests of Concern in Indiana


Monitor Weather and Potential Risk for Head Scab of Wheat

surface roots

Tree Surface Roots in the Landscape


Arbor Day and Mulching Trees

a tree poorly pruned

Pruning Trees Correctly and Recognizing Risky Trees

person fishing in a pond

Pond and Fish Management

spray boom

Changes to Pesticide Applicator Regulations

opening bud in snow

How Did Your Plants Fare This Winter?

poorly pruned tree

Learn to Prune Trees Correctly and Recognize Risk Factors

jumping worm

Gardeners Urged to Look for Invasive Jumping Worms

family farmers, 50 years of Ag Day

National Ag Day and Whitley County Agriculture

biography of William Carroll Latta

Origins of the Cooperative Extension System and Purdue Extension

John Purdue statue

The Birth of Land-Grant Institutions and Purdue University

Sign indicating Purdue research area

Purdue Extension – a Research-Based Information Source

poison hemlock

Recognizing and Managing Poison Hemlock

garlic mustard

Managing Garlic Mustard

autumn olive

Invasive Species: Autumn Olive

Master Gardeners at a Master Gardener Symposium

Twenty-Five Years of Extension Master Gardeners in Whitley County

spruce trees covered with snow

Should Gardeners Hope for Snow?

grain cart dumping soybeans

Highlights of Recent Agricultural Production

potted plants

Indoor Plant Care

snowy road lined with trees

How Much Snow This Winter?

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