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Welcome to the Whitley County Mini 4-H Program!

 Welcome to Whitley County Mini 4-H! You are now a member of the Whitley County 4-H family! We hope that you will have lots of fun learning new things in your 4-H career.

 Mini 4-H is designed for youth in Kindergarten through Second grade. It will give you a taste of the 4-H program as well as help you to explore a variety of project areas.

The Mini 4-H manuals contains fun, age appropriate activities to complete throughout the 4-H year. These activities will help you to learn about the project you have chosen. Additionally, the manual contains all instructions for the exhibit you will be preparing for the Whitley County 4-H Fair in July.

 There is no competition in the Mini 4-H program. Each child who completes a project for the Fair will receive the same completion ribbon. Leaders will give each project comment sheets are provided only as a way to help you do your very best on future projects.

 Mini 4-H will meet January through June. Try to attend the as many meetings as you can they are planned especially for YOU! These will give you a chance to meet the leaders, have some hands-on fun, and ask questions about your important Fair display. Mini 4-H is FUN! You will enjoy it.

Once you enter the third grade you can join a regular 4-H club that meets monthly. You must enroll each year of your 4-H career.

 If you have questions about the Mini 4-H program, please call the Purdue Cooperative Extension Office at 260-244-7615. We will be happy to answer your questions.

 As a Mini 4-H parent, please help guide and encourage your child through the activities. Work with them to help them to “learn by doing”. Activities are designed to help your child learn about the project they have chosen. It is not required that they complete all the activities. Choose those that interest you and your child.



GRADES K - 2 as of Fall 2022

Enrollment Fee:  $5.00 per child



Click on the logo to go the the Indiana 4-H Online website to enroll in the Whitley County Mini 4-H program! 


Enrolling in 4-H Online as a NEW Youth Member.pdf
Enrolling in 4-H Online as a Returning Youth Member.pdf



JANUARY 14TH               10:00 - 11:30 A.M.              4-H CENTER         CALL-OUT WORKSHOP

FEBRUARY 25TH              10:00 - 11:30 A.M.             4-H CENTER

MARCH 25TH                     10:00 - 11:30 A.M.             4-H CENTER

APRIL 30TH                          TBD                                  TBD

MAY 20TH                            10:00 - 11:30 A.M.            4-H CENTER

JUNE 17TH                          10:30 A.M. - 1:30 P.M.      4-H CENTER          MINI 4-H DAY CAMP

JULY 1ST                              10:00 - 11:00 A.M.            EXTENSION OFFICE    PROJECT HELP WORKSHOP



Mini 4-H: Aerospace

Mini 4-H: Bicycle

Mini 4-H: Bowling

Mini 4-H: Bugs

Mini 4-H: Cake Decorating

Mini 4-H: Collections

Mini 4-H: Farm Animals

Mini 4-H: Flower & Garden

Mini 4-H: Foods

Mini 4-H: Forestry

Mini 4-H: Models

Mini 4-H: Pets

Mini 4-H: Photography 

Mini 4-H: Scrapbooking

Mini 4-H: Tractor

Mini 4-H: Wildlife



Mini 4-H’ers MUST enroll in the “Farm Animals” project in order to participate in the Mini 4-H Livestock Mentor Program!!

 Mini 4-H’ers (grades K, 1, and 2) may sign-up for this program to be partnered with a 4-H livestock mentor (older current 4-H Livestock member who has completed at least 3 years in a specie).  Mini 4-H’ers must work with their assigned mentor and their animal a minimum of 3 times before the Whitley County 4-H Fair.  Mini 4-H’ers will be allowed to exhibit/show in the Mini 4-H Mentor Exhibition Showcase with their assigned mentor during Whitley County 4-H Fair.  (Those Mini 4-H'ers participating in the Cat and Dog species will have their exhibition showcase with those specie shows prior to the Fair week.) 

Mini 4-H'ers will NOT be allowed to bring their own animals to the fair.  (Except those participating in Cat, Dog, Pets, and Rabbits.  They may bring their own animal ONLY on the day of show.) They will only be using their 4-H mentor’s animal with the help of their mentor for all other species.  Mentors will teach the Mini 4-H'er how to care for their selected specie, groom, fit, and show.  The Mini 4-H'er must complete a record sheet for each specie that they participate in and have it turned in by July 1 at the Extension Office. 

Parents/Guardians must complete and sign the “Mini 4-H Animal Mentor Liability Agreement” by April 1st and turn into the Extension Office in order for their Mini 4-H'er to participate and be partnered with a mentor.  CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW TO DOWNLOAD THE FORM

{Dog:  Minis must attend 3 dog workshops with their mentor instead of going to their mentor’s home and working with them.  By doing this the mini will then be able to participate in the Mini 4-H Mentor exhibition showcase during the 4-H dog show.}

*Mini 4-H’ers may enroll in up to 2 species in this mentor program.

Mini 4-H Mentor Liability Form 2023

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