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4-H Open Enrollment Begins October 1st!

 Welcome! The 2021-2022 4-H Program Year starts on October 1st! Enroll to join us for another great program year by going to v2.4HOnline.com. Traditional 4-H Members, Mini 4-H Members, and Adult Volunteers must enroll each year to participate in the program. Start off the year right by getting your enrollment done early.


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Junior Leader Retreat

Junior Leader Retreat

Jr Leader Flyer
Level UP with 4-H Junior Leaders!

Register through your 4-H Online profile at v2.4HOnline.com

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Featured Stories

Volunteer Cafe Series 2.0 flyer
Virtual 4-H Volunteer Cafe Series 2.0

Learn how to create a positive environment and inclusive experience in all 4-H mission areas. Our first session will be Tuesday, October 19th 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM EST. Register by going to bit.ly/VolCafe2021

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Red at vet camp
4-H Vet Camp 2021

23 Harrison County Youth took part in our first 4-H Vet Camp yesterday at the Harrison County Fairgrounds. They gained hands on skills like checking vital signs, learning about herd immunity, and even dissected a cow eyeball. We look forward to...

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4-H volunteer Training October 28
Club Leader & Volunteer Training

6:00 PM - Project and Program Updates for the 2021 - 2022 4-H Year. 4-H Club Leaders are invited. If you are a club leader and cannot attend, please send a representative from your club. 7:00 PM - 4-H Adult Volunteer Training Begins. All 4-H Adult...

4-H Online

4-H Enrollment

Open Enrollment for 4-H starts October 1st and ends January 15th. The traditional 4-H program is for youth in grades 3 through 12 (The Mini 4-H Program is for youth in grades K-2).

Members will go to v2.4HOnline.com to enroll in the Harrison County 4-H program each year. Here, they will designate a 4-H Club, and add their projects. If you're unsure what club your child would like to join, please feel free to call the Purdue Extension Office at 812-738-4236 or email Rebecca Wilkins at wilkin33@purdue.edu and we will help you find a club that fits your needs!

4-H Online Family Enrollment Guide


Mini 4-H Home Page

Mini 4-H is designed to introduce you and your child to the 4-H program. Mini 4-H Members do not attend club meetings or keep records, though being involved with a club may be beneficial to the child as older 4-H members can help them learn about 4-H. Most projects can be completed with items found in your home. This is an excellent way for children to learn by doing and exhibit a project at the fair. Mini 4-H members also have the opportunity to attend workshops and a day camp just for Mini 4-H'ers during the summer.


Project Home Page

Members have the opportunity to learn more about a subject matter that they choose to study through completing hands on activities. We refer to these as projects. In order to enroll in a project, members must sign up for them at the time of enrolling in 4-H. Each project has a manual that guides the youth through the learning process as well as a set of guidelines that helps them meet the project requirements. We provide adult volunteers and staff who are knowledgeable on that particular subject who will often times provide workshops to allow th​e youth to learn about that topic in a social environment. Each project has different levels that allows youth to build on their knowledge each year and continue to challenge their skills. Projects are meant to be worked on over time, providing an educational opportunity for youth outside of the classroom setting. Often times, youth will exhibit and display their project at a local county​ fair in order to show the community what they have learned.


What is a 4-H Club?

A 4-H Club is an organized group of at least five youth from three different families who meet regularly with adult volunteers or staff for a long-term, progressive series of educational experiences. The purpose of a 4-H club is to provide positive youth development opportunities to meet the needs of young people to experience belonging, mastery, independence, and generosity- the Essential Elements- and to foster educational opportunities tied to Land Grand University knowledge base.

4-H Clubs in Harrison County

Blue River All Stars

Fowl Play Poultry Club

Golden Clovers

Harrison County Color Guard

Harrison County Dog Club

Harrison County Junior Leaders

Harrison County REX (Robotics)

Harrison Hoosiers

Hoosier Stockman

Lucky Horseshoes

New Amsterdam Clovers

South Central Leftovers

Super Shooters

Tic Tac & Sew

Click Here for Club Leader Information


The Harrison County 4-H CloverPrint Newsletter comes out bi-monthly along with an April Update. Please check this newsletter for important dates, information, and opportunities for our yout and volunteers.
Please check back for the updated 2021-2022 Harrison County 4-H Handbook.

4-H Volunteers

The success of 4-H depends on Volunteers. Our volunteers are hardworking, dedicated, giving individuals who have been through legal screening process as prescribed by Purdue University.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Harrison County 4-H Volunteer! Here are the steps you will need to take in order to become an approved volunteer for our organization.

  1. Download or come to the office for a paper application form. This form gives us permission to contact your reference and complete background checks.
  2. Once your references and background checks come back to us, you will need to interview with the county educator, Rebecca Wilkins.
  3. After your interview, please go to v2.4HOnline.com and enroll as an adult 4-H Volunteer.
  4. During your online enrollment process, please complete the Youth Safety Training per Purdue University Policy. This training is required for every adult volunteer each year.


Please be sure that you re-enroll each year on v2.4HOnline.com. Our program year starts October 1st. Please see instructions on how to Enroll in 4-H Online as a Returning Adult Volunteer.

Minor Safety Training is MANDATORY for ALL Harrison County 4-H Volunteers EACH YEAR.

4-H Online

4-H Online is the online enrollment and registration system for Indiana 4-H. This is where you enter family and individual information that is used by both the county and the state 4-H offices to manage and record your participation in th 4-H Youth Development program.


Harrison County 4-H Fair

If you plan on taking your project to the Harrison County 4-H Fair, make sure you register them on FairEntry.com.

FairEntry is a fair entry database. It tells us which of your livestock or exhibit hall projects 4-H members are bringing to the fair.

More details will be released later for the 2022 4-H fair. Stay tuned!


Proposed dates for the Harrison County 4-H Fair is June 10th - 16th

More details to come.

4-H Trips & State Programs


4-H Camp is going to be a BLAST! Get ready for amazing adventures at the Area II 4-H Camp. Camp will be held June 3-5, 2022! 4-H members in grades 3-8 are invited to join the courageous time travelers for an 'out of this world' camping experience. Camp will be at Country Lake Retreat Center in Clark County.

When registration opens, invite your friends to join us. Be sure to let them know they must officially join 4-H in order to register for camp! 


If you have any questions, contact your county Extension Office or email Rebecca Wilkins at wilkin33@purdue.edu


Related Files:

Event Registration Instructions


Youth Health Form and Addendum


4-H Animals & Livestock

What is YQCA?

YQCA stands for Youth for the Quality Care of Animals.To exhibit beef cattle, dairy cattle, swine, sheep, meat goats, dairy goats, poultry (including eggs), and/or rabbits, 4-H members MUST be certified through the Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA) program. This is an ANNUAL program that can be completed via online modules or in-person trainings.

More information about YQCA is available at http://yqca.org. Failure to complete the YQCA certification will result in ineligibility to exhibit your animal(s) and an incomplete project. If enrolled in multiple species projects, only one YQCA certification is needed.

YQCA Training Opportunities:

Livestock 101 Series: Health Care, April 14

  • All 4-H livestock youth are required to obtain a premises ID from the Indiana State Board of Animal Health (BOAH).
  • Visit BOAH's FAQ page for more details.
  • Obtain a Premises ID from BOAH by visiting their website HERE.

All Animal ID information will be posted shortly. In order for your animal to be eligible to show at the Harrison County 4-H fair and/or the Indiana State Fair, your animal needs to be identified on the 4HOnline database.