Teens as Teachers

February 25-27, 2022 at Camp Tecumseh - Brookston, IN

Teens as Teachers is an opportunity for teams of 3-5 youth and one adult mentor to learn how to be teachers and subject matter experts of a topic of their choice, and are empowered to deliver programming to their community. This training is for youth in grades 8-11. In addition to studying the subject matter of their choice, youth will learn fundamentals of hands-on learning, ages and stages of youth development, public speaking, and lesson planning.

Program will begin with registration at 6:30 on Friday, February 25th and will conclude at noon on Sunday, February 27th. 

Teams will register through their county 4-H Educator. Educators will register teams through 4-H Online. 

Registration fee for the Teens as Teachers program is $85 for youth; $50 for adult mentors. 

Registration deadline is February 11, 2022.

2022 Flyer

Six different subject areas are available for teams to choose from in 2022. A description of each is below.

2022 Topics:

The Animal Science Teens as Teachers track will help 4-H youth learn more about animal science through hands on activities.  This session will prepare youth for the excitement of facilitating activities to their peers and other community groups. Lessons will encompass well-rounded activities made for various locations, ages and audiences. Topics will include: biosecurity, animal husbandry, meat science/products, nutrition, careers, animal systems and more!

Online Game Design for Teens as Teachers takes you through the Google CS First game design curriculum, focusing on how to teach important concepts in coding and talking through game design concepts in a way that is easy to teach to young people.  In addition, we will touch on how to transfer the concepts you are learning in block-based code to text-based code.

Have an interest in engineering design concepts and how they apply to space travel?  Form a team and join us to learn all about how NASA astronauts complete tasks through curriculum designed from the National 4-H STEM Challenge and Indiana Educators.

Up to 12 youth (3 teams) will be eligible to travel to Kennedy Space Station, Florida.  This excursion will happen this July 11 - 16th.  This will be a completely free trip due to a generous grant received by the ISS National Laboratory.   


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The Ag Innovator Experience track will drive youth awareness and interest in agriculture innovation and careers. You will gain knowledge and tools to provide an exciting, hands-on Escape Room activity for younger youth. Lessons include activities made for various locations, ages, and audiences focused on how ag innovation is making systems-based solutions possible for farmers, allowing them to overcome unpredictable challenges to provide for a more resilient global food system. The ag-based activity incorporates STEM skills, teamwork, communication, and workforce development.

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