Indiana 4-H Ambassadors

The Indiana 4-H Ambassador program was created empower teen 4-H leaders with the knowledge, skills, and aspirations necessary to be effective advocates for Indiana 4-H Youth Development. 4-H Ambassadors’ current leadership abilities will be strengthened and expanded so that they may serve as positive role models for younger youth; build meaningful partnerships with other 4-H teens, adults, and professionals, as well as community partners and sponsors; and promote the 4-H mission in Indiana.

The vision of the Indiana 4-H Ambassador program is that every Indiana teen 4-H member will have the personal initiative, program resources, and leadership opportunities to be a positive role model and a vocal advocate for the 4-H program in our state.

Indiana 4-H Ambassadors standing together

Who are the 2021-22 Indiana 4-H Ambassadors?

Bre D.

                Bre is very active in the Owen County 4-H program where she holds offices in not only her 4-H club but her county’s Junior Leaders program. She enjoys 4-H because of the connections she has made, friendships along the way, and the skills that she will take with her throughout her entire life. Bre wants to share her skills and mentor other youth for years to come!

Caroline D.

                Caroline actively participates in the Lake County 4-H program. She has served in several leadership roles in her 4-H club and county events. She routinely spearheads civic engagement opportunities through the 4-H Junior Leaders program. Caroline loves the teamwork, communication, and time management skills, among many others, that 4-H teaches youth. She wants to grow her skills and better communicate what 4-H has to offer to all youth in Indiana.

Caleb L.

                Caleb is a member of the Kosciusko County 4-H program where he takes an active role in helping 4-H members share their 4-H story. Caleb is a leader in the animal livestock programs and takes pride in teaching others the skills he has learned through those projects. He

Conor C.

                Conor participates in the Porter County 4-H program where he is an avid Dog Obedience participant! He serves as a mentor for younger members, holds leadership roles in his county programs, and participates in civic and leadership programs as much as he can. 4-H has helped Conor create partnerships, friendships, and build skills that he would not otherwise have had the opportunity to grow. Conor wants to learn how to be a better influencer and help others build their skillset.

Hannah W.

                Hannah is an active 4-H member in the Benton County 4-H Program. She has a been involved in her county 4-H Leadership Program, Teens as Teachers, and represented 4-H at a national level. She serves in leadership roles in her 4-H club as well as 4-H Junior Leaders. She loves 4-H because she feels she can connect with others outside of just “rural” 4-H programs. She wants to help build the program to be inclusive for all youth.

Kylie B.

                Kylie is participates in the Vanderburgh County 4-H Program where she plays a very active role in their Junior Leader program where she coordinates many community service projects. She has also played a role in teaching programs virtually to youth from all over her county. She says 4-H has provided the most rewarding experiences for her such as showing livestock and mentor younger members. She hopes to take her passion for 4-H and give that to youth and adults who do not know a lot about 4-H.

Nora H.

                Nora is a member of the Lawrence County 4-H Program where she is actively involved in Junior Leader community service activities. She has also held many officer roles in her 4-H club. She has participated in Teens as Teachers. Nora wants to use her leadership skills to help others become passionate for causes that are important to them, such as 4-H.

Saniia H.

                Saniia participates as a member of the Marion County 4-H Program where is has an active voice in the equity and inclusion of all youth into 4-H. She uses what she has learned in her 4-H leadership roles to teach others and promote youth voice wherever she can. She wants to use her cultural education experience to help 4-H attract new audiences and relate their programs to areas they are not already reaching.

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How are Indiana 4-H Ambassadors selected?

Indiana 4-H Ambassadors are 4-H members in grades 9-11 who have excelled in leadership and 4-H advocacy throughout their 4-H career.

Ambassadors must be members for at least 2 years before applying to the program. An application process includes a short questionnaire and video proposal. The selection committee will review all applications and invite a selection for the final interview process.

What is expected of Indiana 4-H Ambassadors?

  • Promote 4-H with potential members, parents, and the general public 
  • Help conduct 4-H events 
  • Organize 4-H promotional activities 
  • Represent 4-H in a public relations role with community partners and sponsors 
  • Develop personal leadership skills and self-confidence 
  • Develop and/or enhance skills related to leadership such as conflict resolution, facilitation, teamwork, decision-making, respect, and communication 
  • Accept and incorporate constructive criticism to enhance skills 
  • Explore and apply diverse concepts of civic engagement 
  • Teach others, facilitate discussions, and public speaking