Clover Call Podcast​

The Indiana 4-H Clover Call podcast is designed to share information about the people and programs that make the Indiana 4-H Youth Development Program such an important part of our communities! We welcome youth and adult 4-H Volunteers, 4-H youth and their families, Extension Professionals, and any others who are interested in providing positive opportunities for youth. Thank you for your interest in learning more about Indiana 4-H!

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Episode 33: Drones in 4-H

Purdue Extension Educators Adam Tyler (Fountain County) and Bill Decker (Madison County) have a conversation about the use of Drones in the Indiana 4-H Youth Development Program. Drones have multiple applications for use with youth that can benefit them throughout their lives, including new and emerging, high-paying professions. Bill shares a number of examples and resources that relate to drones throughout the podcast. He also provides a vision for how drones can be incorporated into 4-H (and beyond) in the future!

 Bill Decker can be reached at: 765-641-9514,

Mark Carter (also referenced in the podcast) can be reached at: 765-348-3213,

 Additional information about Indiana 4-H is available at:


  1. 0:00-4:27            Introductions
  2. 4:27-6:15            Reason that Bill has developed an expertise in 4-H STEM and drones
  3. 6:15-7:45            Use of drones to build skills in youth
  4. 7:45-10:04          Resources for Volunteers and Staff to use for drones
  5. 10:04-10:40       Location of Bill Decker (Madison County) and Mark Carter (Blackford County)                         
  6. 10:40-13:11       Benefits of using drone technology with youth
  7. 13:11-16:47       Current and future opportunities for youth to work with drones in 4-H
  8. 16:47-21:22       Future of drone-related professions and applications
  9. 21:22-24:35       Bill’s vision for the future of drones in 4-H
  10. 24:35-25:57       Conclusion

Episode 31: 4-H camps

4-H Camps are great experiences for youth in grades 3-6. Camps are located in various facilities across the State of Indiana. Older 4-H members will serve as Camp Counselors. 4-H Educators and other approved 4-H Volunteers serve as adult chaperones and ensure the programming goes smoothly. In this podcast,

4-H Educators Christie Jacob (Parke County), Liz Beiersdorfer (Dearborn County), and Caren Crum (Clinton County) lead the discussion about their camp experiences.

 If you would like to know more about 4-H Camp opportunities in your area, please reach out to the 4-H Extension Educator in your County’s Purdue Extension Office.

Additional information about Indiana 4-H is available at:


  1. 0:00-1:22            Welcome and introductions
  2. 1:22-1:56            Caren’s description of 4-H Camp at Camp Tecumseh
  3. 1:56-2:30            Liz’s description of Area 1 at Camp Higher Ground
  4. 2:30-3:00            Christie’s description of West Central Camp Association at Shakamak State Park
  5. 3:00-5:10            Description of overall camp experiences
  6. 5:10-6:10            Additional information that is available regarding 4-H Camps
  7. 6:10-9:44            Food and housing arrangements at 4-H Camps
  8. 9:44-13:11          Staffing and activities at 4-H Camps
  9. 13:11-15:45       4-H Camp Counselor training and roles
  10. 15:45-17:40       4-H Camp Counselor skills developed
  11. 17:40-19:50       Qualifications for a 4-H Camp Counselor
  12. 19:50-20:59       Conclusion

Episode 30: Academy is Amazing!

4-H Academy @ Purdue is the topic of this month’s 4-H Clover Call. 4-H Academy will be held June 7-9 at Purdue University. Students in grades 9-12 are invited to attend!

 Dena Held, Martin County 4-H Educator, moderates this discussion. Also included on the podcast is Angie Frost, 4-H Healthy Living Specialist; Heather Caldwell, Fayette County 4-H Educator; Carly Holland, Rush County 4-H Educator; 4-H members Jorja Ellis (Rush County) and Clay Smith (Randolph County). During the podcast, we’ll learn about the parts of 4-H Academy that are highlights for the panelists and describe the opportunities that are available through 4-H Academy in 2023, including 14 different workshop tracks that are scheduled to be offered.

 If you are interested in attending 4-H Academy, reach out to the 4-H Extension Educator in your County’s Purdue Extension Office.

 More information about the 4-H Academy @ Purdue is available at:

 Additional information about Indiana 4-H is available at:


  1. 0:00-1:48 Welcome to Clover Call: Academy is Amazing!  
  2. 1:48-3:25 Introductions
  3. 3:25-3:53 Angie gives favorite part of Academy
  4. 3:53-8:45 Conversation with youth who have attended Academy: Clay & Jorja
  5. 8:45-15:34 Details & Logistics about Academy
  6. 15:34-19:30 Concluding thoughts
  7. 19:30-20:49 Ending

Episode 29: Inclusion in 4-H!

4-H Inclusion is an important concept for all youth programs, including 4-H Youth Development. We strive to include young people from all backgrounds, interests, and ability levels in programming that we offer. This Clover Call Podcast shares tips and suggestions to help volunteers and staff reach out to all children in the program to help them have a positive, educational opportunity. 4-H Educators Liz Beiersdorfer (Dearborn County), Kati Sweet (Hendricks County), and Adam Tyler (Fountain County) relate experiences they have had with including youth from all backgrounds and providing them with exceptional experiences.


  1. 0:00-2:00 – Introduction
  2. 2:00-4:34 – What is inclusion and why do we need it?
  3. 4:34-8:37 – Hendricks County 4-H efforts to work with youth with disabilities
  4. 8:37-12:05 – Fountain County 4-H efforts to work with youth with disabilities
  5. 12:05-15:44 – Assistance available to help make accommodations for youth, including Inclusive 4-H resources on 4-H Website
  6. 15:54-21:00 – Hendricks County Disability and Inclusion Day at the Fair
  7. 21:00-25:00 – Fountain County accommodations for youth with cognitive limitations showing swine
  8. 25:00-27:43 – Liz’s experiences with students with a variety of limitations and conclusion

 Additional information about Indiana 4-H Youth Development is available at:

 Inclusive 4-H resources are available on the Indiana 4-H Website at:

Episode 28: Indiana 4-H Volunteer Awards of Excellence

In this episode of the 4-H Clover Call, three recipients of the 2022 Indiana 4-H Volunteer Awards of Excellence share their experiences of receiving their recognition at the Indiana 4-H Leadership Summit and the work that went into each of their awards. Jennifer Abrell, 4-H Educator in Owen County interviews each of these individuals:

  • Rhonda Sanders, Martin County, Excellence in Youth and Adult Partnerships, Team
  • Sawyer Scheid, Monroe County, Excellence in 4-H Science Programming, Youth
  • Brandi Staggs, Owen County, Excellence in 4-H Club Programming, Adult

Nominations for the 2023 Indiana 4-H Volunteer Awards of Excellence are open now through August 15, 2023. Nomination forms and additional information is available on the Volunteer Tab of the State 4-H Website, under the Volunteer Recognition heading, at:

Additional information about Indiana 4-H Youth Development is available at:


  1. 0:00-2:22            Introduction of the podcast guests
  2. 2:22-4:02            Experience at the Indiana 4-H Leadership Summit
  3. 4:02-5:41            Sawyer’s award description
  4. 5:41-6:57            Rhonda’s award description
  5. 6:57-8:42            Brandi’s award description
  6. 8:42-11:48          Advice for applying for award nominations
  7. 11:48-14:45       Plans for the 2023 program year
  8. 14:45-17:10       Recognition of other 2022 award winners
  9. 17:10-18:21       Encouragement to apply for awards and conclusion

Episode 27: 4-H Llamas in Clinton county and beyond

Elaine Brovont, Clinton County 4-H Lama Club Leader, shares the experiences she has had over the years working with the youth in the 4-H Lama project. She talks with Caren Crum, 4-H Extension Educator in Clinton County, to help us all learn more about Lamas in 4-H!

 Additional information about Indiana 4-H Youth Development is available at:

Additional information about the Llama and Alpaca project is found at:

Additional information about the Indiana Lama Registry website is:


  1. 0:00-4:22            Introduction and explanation of starting a Lama Club
  2. 4:22-10:38          Description of what happens during club meetings and activities
  3. 10:38-14:15       Other educational opportunities available through this project
  4. 14:15-21:00       Suggestions for showing lamas, including the training show in Clinton County
  5. 21:00-23:49       4-H Lama curriculum
  6. 23:49-29:19       State Fair competition
  7. 29:19-31:12       Conclusion

Episode 26: Amanda & Kylie, Indiana 4-H Alumnae

Amanda Deutsch and Kylie Bedel, are each Indiana 4-H Alumnae from the Vanderburgh County 4-H Program in Indiana. Amanda and Kylie talk about their participation in Indiana 4-H, 4-H Scholarships they have earned, 4-H Ambassadors, State 4-H Junior Leader Conference and Council, and Collegiate 4-H. They conclude the conversation by sharing the impact that 4-H has had on their lives to date and how it will help them in the future.

 Additional information about Indiana 4-H Youth Development is available at:

Information about 4-H Scholarships is located at:

Information about State 4-H Junior Leader Conference is found at:

Purdue Collegiate 4-H information is located at:


  1. Introduction of Amanda and Kylie, highlighting their 4-H participation 0:00-3:00
  2. Description of the 4-H Scholarships they have earned, along with the process completed to apply. 3:00-8:18
  3. Kylie shares about the Indiana 4-H Ambassador program 8:19-10:39
  4. Amanda and Kylie talk about their experiences with State 4-H Junior Leader Conference and serving on the State 4-H Junior Leader Council 10:39-14:46 
  5. Opportunities available through Collegiate 4-H 14:46-17:56 
  6. Kylie and Amanda share the impact that 4-H has had on their lives 17:56-22:23 
  7. Conclusion 22:23-23:15 

Episode 25: National 4-H Educators’ Conference

Kathleen Bohde, Hamilton County 4-H Extension Educator, and Steve McKinley, 4-H Extension Specialist, talk about their participation at the recently completed National Association of Extension 4-H Youth Development Professionals (NAE4-HYDP) Conference. Kathleen and Steve reflect on the benefits of the professional association, networking and professional development opportunities, awards, and benefits to the Indiana 4-H program.

Additional information about Purdue Extension is available at: More information about Indiana 4-H Youth Development is found at:

Episode 24: Julie Gray, Central Indiana Extension Director

4-H Educator, Adam Tyler, returns for this episode to talk with Area Extension Director, Julie Gray. Julie serves the counties including and surrounding Indianapolis. Julie shares with Adam her background in Extension, her favorite aspects of her current position, and exciting 4-H programs that are happening in Central Indiana. Julie talks about the future of 4-H and how it can continue to provide life skill experiences to prepare youth to be successful leaders in their community.

 Additional information about Purdue Extension is available at: More information about Indiana 4-H Youth Development is found at:


  1. Introduction: 0:00-2:07
  2. Julie’s career in Extension: 2:07-4:52
  3. Julie’s’ favorite aspect of being an Area Director: 4:52-6:50
  4. Exciting 4-H programs in the Central Indiana area: 6:50-11:40
  5. Julie’s vision for 4-H in the next several years: 11:40-13:45
  6. Conclusion: 13:45-15:28

Episode 23: Fair Exhibits + the Learning Cycle in 4-H Youth Development

4-H Fairs are typically recognized as the culminating event of the 4-H program year. Lots of excitement is generated during the 4-H Fairs as the youth display the products that they have worked so hard on during the year. Exhibits are one part of the 4-H Program and help to complete the learning cycle within 4-H. Dr. Casey Mull, State 4-H Program Leader, talks with 4-H Educators Dena Held and JP Pietrowski in this podcast to discuss the uniqueness of the 4-H Program and the role that fairs and exhibitions play in helping the youth participants to learn valuable life lessons.

 Additional information about Purdue Extension is available at: More information about Indiana 4-H Youth Development is found at:


  1. Introduction (0:00-3:03)
  2. Uniqueness of 4-H as a positive youth development program (3:03-4:51)
  3. How fun fits into the 4-H program (4:51-5:47)
  4. How fairs/exhibitions fit into the learning cycle (5:47-7:44)
  5. Learning that occurs from not achieving a top award (7:44-15:45)
  6. Description of sweepstakes awards in 4-H (15:45-18:56)
  7. Advice to families considering participation in the 4-H Youth Development Program (18:56-24:30)
  8. Closing remarks and the 4-H Thriving Model (24:30-28:04)

Episode 22: Area Extension Directors

Purdue Extension Area Directors provide assistance to Purdue Extension Educators in all program areas. They support the hiring process for County Extension Teams. Adam Tyler, Extension Educator from Fountain County, interviews 3 of the Area Directors, Denise, Kelly, and Molly, about their roles as Area Directors and also about the 4-H programs now and in the future in their geographic areas.

 Additional information about Purdue Extension is available at: More information about Indiana 4-H Youth Development is found at:


  1. Denise Schroeder, Area 9 Director (0:00-6:12)
  2. Kelly Heckaman, Area 11 Director (6:13-15:27)
  3. Molly Hunt, Area 7 Director (15:27-26:00)


Episode 21: A Day in the Life of a 4-H Extension Educator

Purdue University 4-H Extension Educators have a variety of roles and responsibilities in their respective counties. During this episode of the Indiana 4-H Clover Call, 4-H Educators located in central Indiana join us to talk about their experiences. Kathleen and Ashley host a conversation also including Heather, Amber, Kati, and Rachael. A wide variety of experiences and backgrounds are represented by these Educators. They share their passion for implementing programs that have a positive impact on youth across their counties and around the state!

 To learn more about careers in Purdue Extension and Indiana 4-H Youth Development, please visit To learn more about Indiana 4-H Youth Development, please visit


  1. Introductions and summary of 4-H Educator backgrounds (0:00-9:20)
  2. Description of 4-H Educator role to those exploring future careers (9:20-16:00)
  3. Description of a 4-H Educator’s calendar year (16:00-21:50)
  4. Mythbusters about 4-H Educator roles (21:50-29:00)
  5. What brings you joy as a 4-H Educator? (29:00-35:40)
  6. Closing thoughts (35:40-38:15)

Episode 20: State 4-H Junior Leader Conference

The 91st annual State 4-H Junior Leader Conference will be held June 14-17, 2022, at DePauw University in Greencastle. Three members of the State 4-H Junior Leader Council – Hadassah, Maddie, and McKinley - join us on this episode of the Indiana 4-H Clover Call to talk about their experiences and preview the conference for those high school students who are interested in attending.

For more information about State 4-H Junior Leader Conference, please visit: Information is also available on the Facebook page:
To connect with your County Purdue Extension Office, visit

Episode 19: 4-H Foundation YES Grant recipients

On the April 2022 4-H Clover Call, Kathleen Bohde, Hamilton County 4-H Youth Development Educator, talks with two recipients of the 2021 Youth Engaged in Service (YES!) grants awarded by the Indiana 4-H Foundation. Funds of up to $10,000 are available. 16 grants were awarded in 2021! Kathleen also talks with Shelly Bingle, 4-H Foundation Executive Director about the 4-H Foundation and the YES grants.

Mackensi’s project is providing sustainable agility equipment to enhance the Dog Park in Morgan County that is open to all families, allowing the youth and their families to bond with each other and their dogs.

Alice’s project through the Lost Arts 4-H Club is providing resources to support veterans and their families (through the Helping Veterans And Families Association), including tie blankets and homemade crocheted scarves.

During the podcast, Mackensi and Alice describe each of their projects, developing their vision for the service learning project, building support for the projects, and overcoming challenges realized along the way. They also share the impact that their projects have had to date and their future plans to continue to build this impact. Shelly provides an overview of the Indiana 4-H Foundation and the YES grant opportunities that are available.

For more information, visit:


  1. Introductions (0:00-2:20)
  2. McKenzie’s Dog Park project (2:20-3:42)
  3. Alice’s Lost Arts Club project – Helping Veterans And Families Association – writing letters to veterans and their families (3:42-6:00)
  4. Description of vision for service learning project (6:00-8:45)
  5. Challenges to overcome for the projects (8:45-11:30)
  6. Impact on local communities (11:30-14:30)
  7. Vision of YES Grant from 4-H Foundation (14:30-15:17)
  8. Call to future action (15:17-16:45)
  9. Conclusion with 4-H members (16:45-17:33)
  10. Overview of the Indiana 4-H Foundation (17:33-19:17)

Episode 18:

Indiana 4-H and the Indiana State Board of Animal Health

In the March 2022 4-H Clover Call Podcast, Rebecca Wilkins, 4-H Educator from Harrison County, talks with a panel of experts for the health and well being of animals. Panelists include:

  • Dr. Melissa Justice, Field Veterinarian for the Indiana State Board of Animal Health
  • Denise Derrer Spears, Public Information Director for the Indiana State Board of Animal Health
  • Courtney Stierwalt, 4-H Animal Science Extension Specialist, Purdue University

The panelists discuss the relationship between BOAH and the Indiana 4-H Youth Development Program; the Premises ID system; traceability and the 4-H Animal ID system; steps taken during a disease outbreak; effects of an outbreak on the exhibition of animals; the role that 4-H members have to take biosecurity precautions; Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease; methods to keep updated with BOAH; and tips on careers in the field of animal science.

For more information, please visit the BOAH website,, or e-mail,


  1. Introduction; relationship between Board of Animal Health and Indiana 4-H (0:00-8:35)
  2. Premises ID (8:35-12:15)
  3. Animal ID and traceability (12:15-17:45)
  4. Steps taken during a disease outbreak (17:45-25:00)
  5. Effects of an outbreak on exhibition of animals (25:00-27:30)
  6. The role of 4-H members in taking biosecurity precautions (27:30-30:45)
  7. Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease virus (30:45-36:00)
  8. Keeping updated with BOAH (36:00-37:00)
  9. Favorite part of BOAH Career (37:00-39:00)
  10. Tips on careers in the animal science field (39:00-41:00)
  11. Conclusion (41:00-44:00)

Episode 17:

Camp counselors

Owen County 4-H Educator, Jennifer Abrell, talks with Vigo County 4-H Educator, Sara Haag, and 4-H Camp Counselors Cody, Carson, and Norah. The Counselors talk about their experiences of serving in this role and identify important characteristics of a counselor. The counselors discuss the valuable knowledge they gained during the counselor training, and include some highly memorable moments of serving in a counselor role. Why should you consider serving as a counselor? This group has some great reasons! While the responsibilities of a 4-H Camp Counselor are many, so are the rewards of serving!

 Interested in learning more about 4-H Camp or about serving as a 4-H Camp Counselor? Contact your County Purdue Extension 4-H Educator at:

ePIsode 16:

Teens as Teachers

In this episode of the Indiana 4-H Clover Call, we hear from members of the Clinton County 4-H Teens as Teachers team. 4-H Educator, Caren interviews Team members Katie, Emmeline, and Bailey and Advisor Stacy who share with us their experiences in the Teen Leadership and Animal Biosecurity tracks. The team tells us about their experiences during the training as well as how they have used the training to present information to different audiences in their community.

 To learn more about the Teens as Teachers program, please visit: The 2022 Teens as Teachers program will be held February 25-27, at Camp Tecumseh in Brookston, Indiana.

EPisode 15: 

Area Extension Directors – Part 1

Amy Nierman and Josh Winrotte, Purdue Extension Area Directors for Areas 2 and 8, respectively, talk with Fountain County 4-H Extension Educator Adam Tyler about their roles and backgrounds in 4-H and Purdue Extension. Amy and Josh share their ideas for the future of Purdue Extension and Indiana 4-H and a bit of their philosophy of serving as an Area Director. Thank you for joining us!

 To learn more about Purdue Extension, please visit: To learn more about Indiana 4-H, please visit:

Episode 14:

Indiana 4-H Ambassadors

The Indiana 4-H Ambassador program is a new venture that includes 9 teen leaders who serve as the face of the 4-H Program and develop new, innovative program opportunities for youth in Indiana. In this episode of the 4-H Clover Call, three members of the current Indiana 4-H Ambassador team, Hannah, Bre, and Lane, talk about the opportunities they have had to date as 4-H Ambassadors, goals they have for their work over the next year, and ways that others can be involved.

Learn more about the 4-H Ambassador program


4-H Alumni Experiences

In this episode of the Indiana 4-H Clover Call podcast, Purdue Extension Martin County 4-H educator Dena Held talks with 4-H alum Dan Gregory. Mr. Gregory shares about his experience participating in the Indiana 4-H Youth Development Program, including the impact 4-H has had on his life and on the lives of his family members.

Episode 12: 

4-H Overview 101

Indiana 4-H…what is it? Who’s involved? What does a young person or adult do in 4-H? In this episode of the Indiana 4-H Clover Call, Purdue University 4-H Educators Heather Caldwell and Carly Holland give us a brief overview of what is available through the Indiana 4-H Youth Development Program. It’s more than you might think! 

To learn more about Indiana 4-H, explore our website

Episode 11: 

A Day in the Life of a Summer Intern

Summer Internships with Purdue Extension provide a wealth of life experiences for the interns and valuable programming assistance for the Purdue Extension Educators. In this episode of the Indiana 4-H Clover Call podcast, Ariel and Emma talk with Harrison County 4-H Educator Rebecca Wilkins about their summer internship experiences in Harrison and Floyd Counties, respectively. You'll hear about some of the innovative programming that Ariel and Emma worked on during the Summer of 2021.

Those interested in pursuing Summer Internships with Purdue Extension can visit for more information.

Episode 10: 

Indiana State Fair

Cindy Hoye, Executive Director of the Indiana State Fair, joins us for the July 2021 Indiana 4-H Clover Call. Cindy is a longtime supporter of the Indiana 4-H Youth Development program and has extensive experience working with the Indiana State Fair. Cindy shares information about the year-round operation of the Indiana State Fairgrounds and Event Center and highlights some of the exciting opportunities that will be available at the 2021 Indiana State Fair!

To learn more about the Indiana State Fairgrounds and the Indiana State Fair, please visit:

Indiana State Fairgrounds & Event Center website:

Indiana State Fair:

Episode 9:

4-H Soccer for Success

"The most critical part of a child's day begins after the final bell rings. Soccer for Success is an after-school program, offered free to participants, that is proven to help kids establish healthy habits and develop critical life skills through trained coach-mentors and community engagement." - U.S. Soccer

In this edition of the Indiana 4-H Clover Call, Xiomara Diaz-Vargas, 4-H Extension Specialist, and Adam Tyler, 4-H Extension Educator in Fountain County, talk about the exciting opportunities available to youth in Indiana through the 4-H Soccer for Success program!  The multi-week program includes 60 minutes of physical activity each week, coupled with nutrition, living a healthy lifestyle, along with a coach-mentor. This program is a nationwide partnership between 4-H and the U.S. Soccer Foundation.

To learn more about Soccer for Success as a youth participant or a coach-mentor, please visit:

For more information, please contact:

Episode 8:

Building Connections Through 4-H

Dr. Brene' Brown defines "connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship."

In the May 2021 Indiana 4-H Clover Call, Ashley Shufflebarger, Marion County 4-H Youth Development Extension Educator, talks with youth and adult participants about their experiences in the 4-H Program. Building connections with others is an invaluable component of the 4-H experience, providing opportunities to interact with others similar to and different from yourself through a wide variety of opportunities.

During the podcast, you'll hear words of wisdom from the following individuals:

  • Makayla G. - 4-H youth (Wayne Township 4-H Junior Leaders)
  • Saniia H. - 4-H youth (Riverside Trailblazers 4-H)
  • Linda B. - 4-H Club Leader (Foods Club, Beech Grove 4-H, Junior Leaders, 4-H Advisory Council Member)
  • Julie R. - 4-H Volunteer & Parent (Perry Township 4-H, 4-H Advisory Council Member, Fair Committee Chair)

Thank you for joining us!

Episode 7: 

Casual Conversation with Clinton County 4-H Volunteers

The April 2021 Indiana 4-H Clover Call includes a casual conversation with two 4-H Volunteers from Clinton County – Leah Harden and Melissa Miller. Leah and Melissa reminisce with 4-H Youth Development Extension Educator Caren Crum and Agricultural and Natural Resources Extension Educator Adam Shanks about their personal 4-H experiences, reflect on how the 4-H program positively impacts young people, and share opportunities for how they see 4-H growing to meet the needs of today’s population. Please join us for this conversation!

Episode 6: 

Innovative 4-H Clubs

In the March 2021 Indiana 4-H Clover Call, we learn about 3 innovative 4-H Clubs in Indiana:

  • CHEF University, Abby Morgan, Montgomery County 4-H Educator 
  • Wayne County 4-H MotorSports, Alicia Criswell, Wayne County 4-H Educator
  • 4-H Science Club, Angie Riffle, Franklin County 4-H Educator

The Educators will share the excitement that has been generated among the 4-H members, families, and communities through the efforts of these 4-H Clubs! 

Episode 5: 

4-H Science Youth and Adult Volunteers

In this episode of the Indiana 4-H Clover Call, we hear from the 2020 Indiana 4-H Volunteer Awards of Excellence recipients in the Science Category: Josiah George and Joe Riffle of Franklin County, and Patty Breslin and Rahul Sarkar of Hendricks County. You’ll hear how they became involved in 4-H, and some of the science-based aspects of the 4-H program in which youth can participate.
To learn more about Science resources available through Indiana 4-H, please visit the volunteer resource page and 4-H project pages
Josiah, Joe, Patty, and Rahul each were recipients of the 2020 Indiana 4-H Volunteer Awards of Excellence. We welcome you to nominate yourselves or a volunteer (youth and/or adult) who has had a positive impact on 4-H. Please visit the volunteer recognition page to learn about the nomination process. Nominations are due August 15, 2021.

Josiah and Joe referenced the Teens as Teachers program. To learn more about this program and how you can participate, visit the Teens as Teachers web page. Contact your 4-H Educator if you are interested in forming a team. 

Episode 4: 

Indiana 4-H Foundation

In the January Indiana 4-H Clover Call, we talk with representatives of the Indiana 4-H Foundation, the non-profit organization that raises funds in support of the Indiana 4-H Youth Development program. You'll hear from Dr. Sean Sharma, President of the Indiana 4-H Foundation, and Shelly Bingle, Executive Director of the Indiana 4-H Foundation. Learn more about the 4-H Foundation and how you can help support Indiana 4-H programming.

Episode 3: 

State 4-H Extension Specialists…part 2

The third Indiana 4-H Clover Call includes a conversation with the following five State 4-H Extension Specialists:

  • Tony Carrell
  • Cara Harbison
  • Rachel Haselby
  • Danielle Sands
  • Courtney Stierwalt

Learn about programs and resources that each Specialist helps to provide for the 4-H youth and adults in Indiana, their vision for the future of Indiana 4-H, and who they would most like to have dinner with…you won't want to miss their answers! 

Episode 2: 

State 4-H Extension Specialists…part 1

In this episode of the Indiana 4-H Clover Call, four State 4-H Extension Specialists are interviewed:

  • Jenny Clark, 4-H Communications & Marketing
  • Xiomara Diaz-Vargas, New Audience Initiatives
  • Angie Frost, Healthy Living
  • Steve McKinley, Leadership/Volunteerism

Each Specialist shares information about their role with the Indiana 4-H Youth Development Program, audiences they work with, and their vision for the future of Indiana 4-H.

Episode 1: 

Dr. Casey Mull, Assistant Director of Purdue Extension, 4-H Youth Development Program Leader

In this inaugural episode of the Indiana 4-H Clover Call, Dr. Mull shares his personal and professional background; the impact of 4-H to him and Indiana; the importance of 4-H Volunteers to the Indiana 4-H Program; and his vision for Indiana 4-H in the future. Questions for Dr. Mull? Contact him at