4-H Academy @ Purdue

June 12-14, 2024

4-H Academy @ Purdue is a program held at Purdue University specifically designed to offer hands-on, exciting opportunities to learn about a diverse selection of subjects and careers. During this conference previously known as 4-H Science Workshops, participants will meet and learn from professors, graduate students and other experts in their respective fields and participate in interactive activities and experiential learning. Participants stay in a Purdue University Residence Hall for two nights while exploring the Purdue University campus and meeting 4-H members from across Indiana. 4-H Academy @ Purdue is open to all youth grades 9-12. 

Registration opens March 15! Contact your local Extension office for registration assistance.


General Information


Below is a list of all the workshops offered as a part of 4-H Academy @ Purdue. Click on each workshop title below to learn more.

2023 Workshops

In this session youth gather an array of insight and hands on experience in the Food Animal sector. Species of exploration can include a combination of beef cattle, dairy cattle, sheep, goats, swine, poultry or rabbit.

Are you interested in a career in veterinary medicine? Come discover what it takes to work in the animal health field. Youth will have a hands-on learning experience that helps them learn more about the Veterinary Science profession, and opportunities for careers in animal health. Topics included in the workshop include general health care, physiology, anatomy and careers. Youth will have the opportunity to work alongside Purdue Veterinarians and staff through various clinical activities. 

If you enjoy exploring DNA , genetics and have a passion for animals, then the Animal Bio-Science workshop is for you!  Youth participants will explore the broad scope of biological science through real-life scenarios and educational opportunities. Through this workshop youth will have the opportunity to do hands on activities in the laboratory. 

This workshop will allow you to participate in a poverty simulation to learn about real issues faced by a person living in poverty. You will connect with statewide service organizations whose mission is to assist others. You will leave with an action plan that will allow you to make a positive change in your community, because community change starts with you!

View resources from the 2020 workshop here.

The Exploring Health Careers workshop at 4-H Academy is focused on a variety of health careers. This workshop provides participants with a chance to learn about various careers in the health field including nursing, speech pathology, medical laboratory science, and more. If you are interested in a career in the medical field but aren’t sure which career path to choose, this workshop is for you!

Have you ever wondered how raw agricultural crops can be turned into a processed food product? Join the Department of Food Science at Indiana 4H Academy to harvest raw agricultural crops, process the crop in our state-of-the-art pilot plant and commercial kitchen, investigate the product’s safety, and participate in a sensory evaluation of the food. You’ll even get to take home the final product! We can’t wait to see you there!


The Intro to EMS workshop is focused on careers in the Emergency Medical Services field. This workshop provides participants with hands-on learning opportunities to learn the skills associated with careers as First Responders, Emergency Medical Technicians, Paramedics, and Fire Fighters.

Students become CPR certified and learn through hands-on activities: scene size‐up, patient assessment, rescue techniques, scene preservation, radio procedures and tours of fire stations, emergency helicopters and Mobile Simulation Ambulances.

Learn about fisheries, forestry and wildlife science through hands‐on activities like wildlife radio telemetry, darting, aquatic sampling, mist-netting and more. Topics may vary annually based on instructor availability. Participants will also learn about the many natural resources career opportunities. ​

Work with Purdue faculty to learn about plants, insects, bioenergy and natural resources. Participants will learn cutting edge aspects of Plant Sciences, experience a wide array of information on Plant Sciences, become acquainted with Plant Sciences-related departments at Purdue University and learn about the many career opportunities related to Plant Sciences.​

Learn the essentials of financial management from the best network of financial professionals in the state. Experience a full day of Where Does Your Money Go® adventures at vendor locations in Lafayette. Come away with new tools to make your financial goals become a reality! 

This program will have 3 parts:

Food Fraud: The Food Fraud online module will help you learn about data, evidence, and scientific reasoning so you will be ready to work in the entomology and wildlife forensic labs on campus during 4-H Academy. Wildlife Forensics: During this module, students will learn about the field of wildlife forensics including a brief introduction of the discipline and examples of different types of crime against wildlife. Hands-on activities will include labs on how to collect evidence (hairs, prints) and use it to solve crimes. Forensic Entomology: Insects in Investigations: In this workshop, students will learn about the application of insect evidence in criminal investigations.  The workshop will have a mixture of lecture, hands-on insect collection, experimental design and data collection to discuss insect behavior and development, and the use of insect evidence in investigations. Please note that there will be online modules you will be asked to complete before the workshop, and more information will be sent out once you register. Also, this workshop is fully funded for participants!

IoT, or the Internet of Things, is something we hear about all the time. Many of us even use it, but how do we code it? How do we decide how to use it in a house? Work with the Engineering track to design, build, and code a smart house. Explore a real smart house in Purdue’s College of Civil Engineering and also the Smart Greenhouse.

The Engineering our Environment workshop focuses on how engineers address environmental challenges. Work together to perform a stream assessment at Todd's Creek to learn about the principles of ecosystem restoration engineering. Tour Purdue's Green Initiatives, such as LEED certified facilities and innovative stormwater management practices, to explore how engineers work to create sustainable urban landscapes. This engineering track will also provide opportunities to learn more about project and programs in Purdue's College of Engineering.

The Science of Flight Workshop will help youth learn more about Aerospace and the science and opportunities that surround it. During the workshop they will build model rockets and planes, take a ride in a small airplane and study aerodynamics to learn about the principles of flight as well as be exposed to career opportunities in aerospace.