Crops Career Development Event

This event is open to 4-H and FFA members and is designed to teach youth skills necessary in the agronomy career area. Youth will identify crop and weed plants and seeds, problem solve, grade grain, and will complete a knowledge exam. State contest participants must qualify through their area event.​

Date of Event: December 10, 2022; DECEMBER 9, 2023

Location: Stewart Center, Purdue University



  • Grain Grading Electronic Answer Worksheet
  • Grain Grading Code Answer Sheets
  • Crops CDE Scantron Instructions​
  • Contest Coordinator's Handbook
  • State Crops ID Answer Sheet​
  • Blank State Grain Grading​
  • Blank Answer Sheets
  • Junior Division Grain Grading Booklet
  • Corn and Soybean Grain Grading Chart
  • Wheat Grain Grading Chart
  • Grain Grading Instructional Video