CONSumer decision making career development event

Consumer Decision Making is a contest based on consumer observation, comparing, and making fact based purchases. A team of 3-4 youth are given classes to judge based on a scenario. Class options are ranked. Those selections are then defended through oral reasoning to a judge. Each youth participant ranks the classes and completes reasons on their own and the scores combined together come up with the team score. 4-H youth in grades 9-12  are welcome to participate. Middle school aged youth also welcome, but know content is geared towards a senior level. Individuals can also participate if a team cannot be put together. A coach can be a 4-H educator or and approved 4-H Adult Volunteer. 

The state contest will comprise of four classes on various topics and then contestants will give two sets of reasons on two of the four classes. Reasons will be determined the day of the contest. Below you will find an example study guide that gives a full example of standards, a class, placings and reasons. The other four study guides are based on this year’s actual contest to be prepared for those items that contestants will be judging. Coaches can also reference other materials put together from North Dakota 4-H, Georgia 4-H, Texas 4-H, and New Mexico 4-H to help prepare students.     

**Winners at the State Contest are then eligible to compete at the FCS Classic. This National Contest is a part of the National Western 4-H Round Up in Denver which is held the first weekend of January in Denver, CO during the National Western Stock Show!**

 Please contact your local Extension office for interest in creating a team for this contest. 

DATE OF EVENT: Canceled, new date tBD

Registration Due Date: