Youth planning to exhibit livestock at the Summer Shows or the Fall Fair have the option to attend either a hands-on workshop OR complete the livestock worksheet.

Beef, Dairy, Dairy Beef, Goat, Horse & Pony, Poultry, Rabbit, Sheep and Swine projects have the following two options to complete their educational requirements.  (NOTE: Draft Animals and Llama projects will follow current project requirements.)

Worksheet Option:

Worksheets will be due to the Extension Office by September 8th (NOTE: If a 4-H member only exhibits at the Summer Goat Show, their record worksheets will be due to the Extension Office by July 1st).  Youth, who choose to complete the worksheet, instead of attending a specie-specific workshop, will need to earn a 70% or higher grade.

If the 70% grade has not been met, the worksheet will be returned to the exhibitor.  The exhibitor will need to fix the incorrect answers and return the revised worksheet to the Extension Office by the publicized date.  If corrected worksheet has not been returned to the Extension Office and 70% achieved, NO SHOW!

Workshop Option:

Youth who choose to attend the specie-specific workshops on the publicized dates will have the opportunity to learn various topics relating to their project, such as animal anatomy, quality assurance, record keeping, etc.  Scroll down to see upcoming DeKalb County events.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call the Extension Office at (260) 925-2562.  If you are unable to print out a copy of the worksheet, let us know and we can have a paper copy here in the office for pick-up or have it mailed to you.

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