White County 4-H Live Animal Project Information

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Live animal exhibitions in White County 4-H include Beef Cattle, Cats, Dogs, Dairy Cattle, Goats (Meat, Dairy, and Pygmy), Horse and Pony, Poultry, Rabbits, Sheep, Small Pets, and Swine.  


White County 4-H Animal Identification Information 

2023 Animal Identification Information- May 15th Deadline

4-H members (Grades 3 – 12) must identify all Beef and Dairy Cattle, Goats, Horses, Sheep and Swine in the 4-H Online system by May 15th.  Beef and Dairy Cattle, Meat Goats, Sheep and Swine must submit DNA hair samples by May 15th to their local County Extension to be eligible for Indiana State Fair 4-H Animal Shows.  

Resources can be found on this page to assist 4-H families with the animal identification process.  

Indiana 4-H Animal ID Requirements

4-H Online Animal ID Instructions

Beef Animal ID Information  & Beef Animal ID Worksheet

Goat ID Information  & Goat Animal ID Worksheet

Sheep ID Information & Sheep Animal ID Worksheet

Swine ID Information & Swine ID Worksheet





Indiana 4-H Quality livestock care program (formerly YQCa)

NEW PROGRAM ALERT! In 2023 Purdue Extension has designed a new Indiana 4-H Quality Livestock Care program. This is a quality assurance program for Indiana 4-H members. 

4-H members who plan to exhibit livestock (swine, poultry, goats, sheep, rabbits, beef, or dairy) MUST complete either the new Indiana 4-H Quality Assurance Care Program (in-person) or YQCA (online) by July 1st. 

Click here to read the letter that was sent to all White County Livestock exhibitors. 

To learn how to register for the in-person training, click here. 

To complete your YQCA training online, visit yqcaprogram.org  

Click here for a YQCA help document for navigating the website. 



Do Mini 4-H members need a certification? No, this is for 4-H members in grades 3-12 only

What if I show multiple species? You only need to complete the certification once per year and that will apply to each of your animals

Can I attend the Livestock Quality Care Program in another county? Yes, if our schedule does not work for you, you can attend a class in any other county. You will need to call the county's extension office to see what is required to sign up, including registration fee.

What if I am not selling my animal in the auction? This is not an auction requirement, it is an exhibit requirement, so to show your animal, you must complete the certification. 

If I received a "3 year certification" from YQCA, does that still count? Yes! As long as it expires any time after the 2023 fair, it will count for this year. Be sure to send or bring a copy of the certificate to the extension office. Certificates can be emailed to Molly at Childer9@purdue.edu 

Premises ID 

  • All 4-H livestock youth are required to obtain a premises ID from the Indiana State Board of Animal Health (BOAH).
  • Visit BOAH's FAQ page for more details.
  • Obtain a premises ID from BOAH by visiting their website here.

Species Resources

Indiana 4-H Livestock Project Tips

Club Leaders: Morgan Gretencord and Tara Dahlenburg

Educational Activities: Due July 1st to the extension office

Cat Manual due July 1st to the extension office. 

Club Leader: Bonnie Devers  

We need additional volunteers to help with dog club. If interested reach out to Bonnie Devers or Molly Childers.  

Educational Activities: Due July 1st to the Extension Office. 

Dog Record Sheet

Manuals are available for pick up at the extension office

An educational book will be given to all members at a dog club meeting

Dairy Committee Chairs: Roger Geisler and Alicia Hufford

Video: Beef and Dairy Cattle DNA Hair Sample Collection

Educational Activities: Due July 1st to Extension Office


Goat Club Leader: Lisa Gooding 

Educational Activites: Due July 1st to the extension office. 


Horse and Pony Club Leaders: Talaina Pinkerton and Tara Gochenour 

 Educational Activities: Due July 1st 

Poultry Club Leader: Liz Fontes

Educational Materials: Due July 1st- Coming Soon!

Rabbit Club Leader: Shanna DeLosh 

Educational Materials: Due July 1st

Sheep Committee Chair: Josh Robertson 

Educational Activities: Due July 1st to the extension office

Small Animals is a County Only project. 

Click here to learn more

Educational Materials: Due July 1st to the extension office