Small Animals (Pocket Pets)- County only

Small Animals are household pets normally housed in a cage. These include, but are not limited to, guinea pigs, hamsters, parakeets, turtles, fish, chameleons, etc. Excluded are animals that may be exhibited in another White County 4-H Livestock Project. NOTE: Check with your veterinarian to see if any health
requirements need to be met to exhibit your Small Animal. Exhibitors with Ferrets must have a completed “Certificate of Vaccination for the 4-H Ferret Project” (4-H 902) in order to exhibit ferrets at the Small Animal Show.

Project Completion Requirements

  • Enroll in White County 4-H.
  •  Enroll in the 4-H Small Animal Project by May 15th.
  • Own and care for at least one small animal of your choice for at least 3 months prior to the White County 4-H Fair.
  • Turn in completed Small Animal (Pocket Pets) Project Activity Manual  to the Extension Office. 
  • Fair entry must be completed by midnight July 1st online at

Project Exhibition Requirements

  • Meet the above project completion requirements.
  • To exhibit at White Co. 4-H Fair, Small Animal members follow established "Exhibition Regulations for White County 4-H" as listed in Handbook.
  • Exhibit any combination of live animals, a poster, and/or present an interactive demonstration detailing some aspect of the 4-H Small Animal project. The poster and interactive demonstration exhibit options may be in place of or in addition to the live small animal exhibit. Members who choose the
    poster or demonstration option must turn in the Small Animal Activity Manual at project check-in. See White Co. 4-H Fair book (released in June) for check-in times for non-livestock exhibits.
  •  To exhibit live small animals:
    • Bring your animal(s) to the White County 4-H Fair Small Animal Show. See White Co. 4-H Fairbook (released in June) for show date and time.
    • Animals will arrive at the 4-H Fairgrounds immediately prior to the show and depart immediately following the show.
    •  If you cannot bring your animal to the exhibit in its actual cage, bring a picture of the animal in its actual cage with your animal to the exhibit.
    • In each division a member may exhibit up to two entries in one year. Each entry will be in a separate cage.
    • The White County Ag. Association reserves the right to examine and/or test any 4-H animal exhibit... See General 4-H Livestock Rules in Handbook for details.
  • Live Animal Exhibit:
    All Levels - Exhibit 1 or 2 animals of the same species


Additional Resources to Learn More

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