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The Indiana 4-H Youth Development mission is to provide real-life educational opportunities that develop young people who will have a positive impact in their communities and the world. Indiana 4-H Youth Development strives to be the premier, community-based program empowering young people to reach their full potential.

4-H is volunteer led, family oriented, and has a variety of activities to meet your interests. 

The 4-H program is open to any youth in grades 3-12 and has a $15 state program fee + $5 county fee. Mini 4-H is available to any youth in grades K-2 for a fee of $1. 

To stay up to date on all the 4-H happenings in Jefferson County - click  here. 

To join 4-H, enroll by going to the: v2.4honline.com website.  If you need assistance, e-mail - kbachman@purdue.edu or call the office at 812-265-8919

2023 Jefferson County 4-H Fair Flyer

2023 Jefferson County 4-H Fair Flyer

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Detailed Fair Flyer

Jefferson County 4-H Handbook

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4-H Online is our Official Enrollment System. Communications, project selection, club selection, and event registration are all handled through this website.

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Upcoming Meetings and Events on the Jefferson County 4-H Fairgrounds

This calendar contains and the goings on at the Jefferson County 4-H Fairgrounds. When you enroll on 4-H Online you will select a club that meets throughout the year. Clubs that meet on the fairgrounds are listed on this calendar. Rentals and outside events are also listed. Rentals not open to the public are listed on this calendar as private events. If you have questions about Fairground rentals contact the Extension office or a Fairboard member.