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We at the Fayette County Purdue Extension are here bringing you scientifically based research, local programming and educational resources. The Purdue Extension focuses on: Agriculture and Natural Resources, Human and Health Sciences, Economic and Community Development and 4-H Youth Development. Check back for more information about county programming as we work to update our new website!

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Extension Happenings

Park Plans
J. Long 2nd Street Memorial Park

The J. Long 2nd Street Memorial Park is a collaboration with Purdue University, Fayette County Purdue Extension, Discover Connersville, Fayette County Community Voices and Connersville Parks & Recreation has been in the works since 2017.

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Our native species have no defense against invasive plants that have been introduced here form other parts of the world. Incasive plants spread unopposed and are taking over your cropland, lawns, forests and parks. 

Join us on Novemeber 6th, from 9 a.m. to Noon at Smalley's Lake in John Conner Park (391 South East Street in Connversville) to help clean out invasives out of an area in the park selected for public demonstration. Please wear durable footgear, long pants and long sleeved shirts. Water, insect repellent and gloves will be provided. Pruners, saws and trowels are welcome.

For more information, please contact:

Fayette County Soil and Water Conservation District
2590 N Park Road
Connersville, IN 47331



Featured Story

Featured Story

Sprayer boom in action applying ag chemicals.
Tight agriculture chemical supply, high prices could impact 2022 growing season

Supply chain disruptions and material shortages are fueling speculation about a herbicide shortage for the 2022 agriculture growing season. Bill Johnson, Purdue professor of weed science and Purdue Extension weed specialist, is encouraging...

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The Indiana Department of Natural Resources has put out a message for those who hunt!
"Hunters –
Help feed the hungry by donating harvested deer this season. After harvesting a deer, drop off your field dressed deer to a participating processor, who will distribute venison burger to Indiana food banks. The processing fees are funded through the Sportsmen’s Benevolence Fund. In 2020, more than 20,000 pounds of venison were donated.
Find a participating processor near you at sbf.IN.gov. "

Featured Stories

Purdue Extension.
2021 4-H Project Exhibit Requirement Changes

We have received the requirement changes made for 2021 to the following projects: Beekeeping, Computer, Electric, Fashion Revue, Food Safety Policy, Photography, and Sewing.

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Purdue Extension.
Strip Quilting

Strip Quilting Table Runner – Machine Sewing for Beginners

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Purdue Extension.
ANR Newsletter October 2021

The days are flying by, as many are now counting down to the holiday season. I am certainly excited to see my daughter dressed up for Halloween! Before your schedule gets too busy, please consider attending our annual Get-To-Know Extension meeting...

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Purdue Extension.
4-H Phoenix Club Dissection Lab

Samantha, Shane, John, and Lilianna, and their club mates had a great time learning about cow eye anatomy yesterday at their Phoenix 4-H Club meeting. They learned that the cow eye and human eye have many similarities.

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Purdue Extension Spencer County programming collage
Purdue Extension Annual Meeting to Feature ISDA Director

Purdue Extension-Spencer County will hold its 2021 Annual Meeting on Thursday, November 4, at 6:00 PM at the Spencer County Youth and Community Center in Chrisney, IN. In addition to updates and a brief business meeting, the evening will...

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Purdue Extension.

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