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2020 Marion County Posts


Purdue Extension.

Purdue Extension Yard and Garden Calendars

Forget what to do and when in the yard and garden? Follow the Purdue Extension yard and garden calendars.


Purdue Extension.

Demonstration Garden Places Nationally, Fourth Consecutive Year

The Purdue Extension Marion County Demonstration Garden has been named a top selection from the All-America Selections (AAS) Landscape Design...

Purdue Extension.

Bethany Community Garden: 2020 Highlights

Bethany Community was started three years ago with assistance from Purdue Extension Marion County and the 'Growing Together Grant' funded...

Purdue Extension.

Purdue Extension-Marion County Demonstration Garden

The garden demonstrates how to grow food and ornamental plants. Gardeners can see and learn about plants adapted to Indiana and how to care for...


Purdue Extension.

4-H Member Spotlight: Saniia H.

In honor of #National4HWeek last week, we wanted to shine a spotlight on one of our wonderful 4-H members, Saniia! This dedicated 4-year 4-H member...

Purdue Extension.

Make A Change - Changemakers Program Recap

“I hope to not only make Indianapolis a better place, but also to inspire other large cities to consider changing their ways to help save our...


Purdue Extension.

Yard and Garden Calendars

Here are Purdue Extension yard and garden calendars to help remind you what to do and when.

Purdue Extension.

Plant information directory

Comprehensive directory of plant information.

Purdue Extension.

Invasive Species in Indiana: Resources

Forget what to do and when in the yard and garden? Follow the Purdue "Exotic invasive species are non-native plants, animals or microbes that...

Purdue Extension.

"Make An Entrance!" - 2020 Demonstration Garden

Purdue Extension-Marion County Demonstration Garden, located about 350 feet E of Discovery Hall in the NW corner of the Indiana State Fairgrounds...

Purdue Extension.

Meet the PEMC Team- Alex Pettigrew, Urban Agriculture Educator

The "aha moment" that got me interested in working with Purdue Extension was that Extension Educators use research in the real world....


Purdue Extension.

Urban/Community Gardening

For specific questions on starting a community garden in the Indianapolis area, send an e-mail to:

Purdue Extension.

What's Bugging You? Contact the Master Gardener AnswerLine

Do you have a plant or pest problem in the garden or landscape? Do you need a garden plant or weed identified? Do you have a question on gardening?...


Purdue Extension.

The Clover Continues- A 4-H Virtual Showcase

Marion County 4-H Educators and fair committee representatives faced a difficult landscape for this year’s 4-H Showcase. Despite the...

Purdue Extension.

Meet the PEMC Team- Rachael Smith, 4-H Youth Development Educator

Rachael Smith joined the Purdue Extension Marion County (PEMC) office in February as a 4-H Youth Development Educator. Read below for a Q&A...

Purdue Extension.

Unsolicited Seeds could Wreak Havoc on Agriculture & the Environment

According to a Purdue University news release, the Office of Indiana State Chemist is urging everyone not to plant or dispose of the seeds since...


Purdue Extension.

Meet the PEMC Team Dodds

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