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2019 Community Development Archives


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Tracking 21st Century Diversity in Indiana Counties

As globalization continues to chug along and the digital age continues to take hold, communities in Indiana need to adapt in order to remain...

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Reaping the Benefits of Impactful Work

November is the month that our neighbors and friends engaged in row crop agriculture are usually finishing their harvest. In a similar fashion, our...

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Increase Your Business’s Online Presence by Downloading Our New App

Purdue Extension Community Development (CD) and the Purdue Center for Regional Development (PCRD) is ecstatic to announce the release of our...

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Catalyzing Community Capacity

This is the season when many of us commune together as colleagues at work and family members at home. In the best of circumstances, we trade...

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Skillful Indiana: Governor’s Coaching Corps

Workforce development – a commonly tossed around buzz word – but what exactly is it and what does it look like here in Indiana? For...

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Year-End Reflections and Plans for the New Year

As 2019 comes to a close, the Extension Community Development team wishes you a new year filled with health, happiness and spectacular success....


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Getting Down to Business About the Digital Ready Businesses Program

Earlier this year, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Technology Engagement Center published a report commissioned by Amazon looking at the digital...

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Fostering Economic Stability – Communities Working Together to Drive Progress

So often my travels leave me weaving alongside desolate country roads that are sparsely populated and towns that are blighted with empty, dusty...


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Purdue Extension Community Development Responds to Needs in Your Community

Purdue Extension has offices in all ninety-two counties in Indiana. Through these offices, our educators are able to spend their workdays (and live...

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Running for Local Office Seminar Gets Future Local Candidates Ready to Campaign

On September 24, 2019, Purdue Extension Community Development educator, Amanda Galloway, and Tippecanoe County Clerk, Julie Roush, presented to...


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Change is the Only Constant in Life

We have all heard the old saying, “Change is the only constant in life.” Spoken 2,500 years ago in Greek as “Panta Rhei...

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Extension Invests in Preparing the Next Generation of Community Leaders

In the last ten years, Indianapolis has embarked on a positive economic path with initiatives such as the “quality of life” plans,...

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This September: Be Prepared, Not Scared

This September is National Preparedness Month (NPM). The Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN) has committed to participate in NPM to...


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A Note From the Program Leader

This is my first full week serving as the Assistant Director and Program Leader for Community Development with Purdue Extension. I am excited about...

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Water Resources Management

FEMA defines localized flooding as “smaller scale flooding that can occur anywhere in a community.” Localized flooding is most common...

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Forestry and Natural Resources

Urban forestry is a program that invests in the future of the community. Your final plan should consider the biological, management and community...

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Planning for Agritourism – A Guide for Local Governments and Indiana Farmers

Agritourism as a business model is growing in popularity as Indiana farmers recognize a need to diversify operations and supplement farm incomes....

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Food and Agriculture

More than 60% of Indiana’s land is devoted to agriculture production via 56,800 farms and 14.7 million acres. Today, most farms are not...

Purdue Extension.

Built Environment and Natural Resources

This section focuses on how a comprehensive plan can be used to provide opportunities for active living through deliberate planning policies and...

Purdue Extension.

Economic Development Policy Tools For Local Government Land Use Planning

This section provides an introduction to basic concepts of economic development and how they are related to land use planning. These include...

Purdue Extension.

Introduction and Overview

Purdue Extension and the Indiana Land Resources Council collaboratively developed this guidance document to support plan commission members as well...


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Promoting Shared Prosperity and Improved Economic Outcomes in Indianapolis

Inclusive growth and the future of work were recent topics at the Community & Economics Leadership Program (CELP), led by George Okantey,...



Purdue Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Team Selected to Apply for $5,000 Grant

DEI Indy earned the second highest team, out of a total of 28 teams, for the North Central region at the Impact Collaborative summit in Atlanta. As...

Purdue Extension.

Coming Together for Racial Understanding

Eighteen staff from Purdue Extension and the College of Agriculture met at the Wright Forestry Center from May 21-22 to participate in a...

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Effective Business Meetings – Reducing the Stress and Increasing Productivity

Raise your hand if you have attended any business meeting that you roll your eyes and think that the meeting is too long? So often, the agenda and...


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Group Works on Downtown Enhancement

Three different areas of emphasis are being developed into a comprehensive plan to help make central Connersville a place where healthier choices...

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The Key to Being More Productive? Try Slowing Down

In a world where we are constantly asked to have more things completed, assigned more tasks and given more responsibilities, it seems there is a...


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Learning Essential Skills to Engage Difficult Conversation

Conversations move life forward. They can also stop things from moving forward. Relationships begin and end on conversations. Teams are formed and...


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USDA Public-Private Partnership Accepting Technical Assistance Applications for Rural Capacity Building

WASHINGTON, Feb. 11, 2019 – Assistant to the Secretary for Rural Development Anne Hazlett today announced that USDA and four of its partners...

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Cumberland HCI Team Launches Arts and Spaces Task Force

The Town of Cumberland, Indiana, has launched a new civic organization dedicated to engaging the public through art and improving the aesthetics of...

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Community Development Educator Honored

George Okantey, Purdue Extension Community Development educator in Marion County, was recently named a recipient of the Robert O. Zdenek Staff...

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