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2018 Community Development Archives


Purdue Extension.

Reflections on the Past Year and What Lies Ahead

As 2018 comes to a close, the Extension Community Development team wishes you a new year filled with health, happiness and spectacular success....

Purdue Extension.

Tis the Season

Decorating for the holidays is a long-standing tradition that for many include having a Christmas tree decorated in your home. Unfortunately, some...

Purdue Extension.

La Fecha Límite Para Participar en una Encuesta en Línea Sobre Iniciativas Favorables Para Adultos Mayores se Acerca Para Residentes de Indianapolis y Fort Wayne

La Fecha Límite Para Participar en una Encuesta en Línea Sobre Iniciativas Favorables Para Adultos Mayores se Acerca Para Residentes de...


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Beekeeping A-Z Class

In March of 2015, Purdue Extension Floyd County started offering beginning beekeeping classes. These first classes were met with much enthusiasm!...

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CELP Graduates Making Local and National Impacts

Three graduates of the Community Economics and Leadership Program (CELP) recently utilized the education they received through the four-month...

Purdue Extension.

Leadership Daviess County Class of 2018

Community projects are a component of many of the Purdue Extension Community Leadership Programs across the state. The Leadership Daviess County...

Purdue Extension.

With Social Media, Markets are Reaching Much Farther

In the scope of society, we have multiple branches of communication. The facets we see depend on our generation, tastes and preferences and where...


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Disasters Happen. Prepare Now. Learn How.

This September is National Preparedness Month (NPM). The Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN) has committed to participate in NPM as a way...

Purdue Extension.

The Comprehensive Plan (ID-234-W) – Indraneel Kumar, Val Slack

A community needs a comprehensive plan to serve as the compass for its future course. However, the ability and will to prepare and implement the...


Purdue Extension.

A Look at Confined Feeding Operations in Indiana

Confined Feeding Operations (CFOs) offer an efficient system to feed and house animals through specialization, increased facility size and close...

Purdue Extension.

Community Development Achievement Award Presented to Lionel “Bo” Beaulieu

The Community Development Achievement Award is presented to a Community Development Society (CDS) member in recognition of his or her outstanding...


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Community Economics and Leadership Program (CELP) Graduates Receive Congressional Recognition

Nineteen middle managers and millennials from four community organizations, four city government agencies and three nonprofit agencies recently...

Purdue Extension.

Generational titles — why do we even need them?

Educate, validate, and elevate our employees so they can be the best version of themselves, help them in this regard to identify opportunities for...

Purdue Extension.

Purdue Initiative for Family Firms Helps Build Stronger Family Businesses

Family firms comprise 80-90% of all business enterprises and range from mom-and-pop stores to corporate giants. Family businesses are an important...



Winners Named for National Association of Community Development Extension Professionals Awards

Purdue Extension’s Beginner’s Guide to Grant Writing was recently recognized as a national award winner by the National Association of...

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The Often Overlooked Economic Development Strategy: Business Retention and Expansion

Former professor Dr. David Birch of MIT found that up to 80% of job growth in any community is generated by the businesses already located there...

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Attitudes Influence Change

How do communities change? The answer is quite easy. Change is implemented through attitude. Although the answer is easy, getting to that answer is...

Purdue Extension.

Internet Sales Tax

Last week, the Supreme Court ruled internet retailers can be required to collect sales taxes, even in areas where they have no physical presence....

Purdue Extension.

Huntington County Leadership Academy Graduates Class of 2018

Huntington County Leadership Academy congratulates 17 graduates from the 2018 Purdue Extension Community Leadership class. The group has been...


Purdue Extension.

New Curriculum Joins Public Spaces and Healthy Communities Programs

We were in southern Indiana a few weeks ago in a county that is, at first glance, not for want of green space. In fact, natural spaces abound.

Purdue Extension.

Leadership Jasper County Graduates Class of 2017-18

Leadership Jasper County graduated the 2017-18 class this week. The Community Leadership Program works to create a network of willing,...

Purdue Extension.

A Planning & Zoning Glossary (ID-228-W) – Indraneel Kumar

Confused about plans, districts, zones, codes, and more? Knowing and using a common vocabulary of planning and zoning terms will help you...

Purdue Extension.

Welcome to the Plan Commission or Board of Zoning Appeals (ID-511-W) – Jeff Burbrink

Are you new to the local Plan Commission or the Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA)? This article give an introduction to plan commissions and BZAs, the...

Purdue Extension.

Assessing Your Comprehensive Plan (ID-227-W) – Dan Walker

A comprehensive plan helps communities identify their shared goals and guides development policies that allow the community to reach those goals....

Purdue Extension.

Assistant Program Leader Presents to Community Economics and Leadership Program (CELP) Participants

Michael Wilcox, Assistant Program Leader for Purdue Extension Community Development, was the May 10 guest speaker for the Community Economics and...

Purdue Extension.

Reaching Successful Economic Development in the Community

The building goes dark, the manager locks the door for the last time, brown paper cascades down windows that once held signs of sales and...


Purdue Extension.

Understanding Indiana’s Local Tax Systems

Local government finance is complex and has become even more so since the implementation of the property tax caps in 2008. In 2016, taxpayers...

Purdue Extension.

Leadership Vigo County Graduates a Network of Residents Committed to Serve and Lead

Congratulations to the 2018 class of Leadership Vigo County, a program provided by Purdue Extension Vigo County, who graduated last month! The...



New Beginner’s Guide to Grant Writing Reaps Rewards for Indiana Communities

Competitive grant proposals are an increasing key revenue source for nonprofits, educational institutions and local governments. One indicator of...

Purdue Extension.

Angola HCI Community Forum Draws Large Crowd

How do you get nearly 100 local residents to participate in your community forum? Through working hard on marketing, Hometown Collaboration...


Purdue Extension.

Effective Leadership – Where Did It Go?

‘Leader’ is defined as a person to guide a way by going in advance. Leadership is an important function of management, which helps to...

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