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Winners Named for National Association of Community Development Extension Professionals Awards

Part of the Beginner's Guide to Grant Writing team after being presented with the award at NACDEP.


Purdue Extension’s Beginner’s Guide to Grant Writing was recently recognized as a national award winner by the National Association of Community Development Extension Professionals (NACDEP) at their 2018 Annual Conference in Cleveland, Ohio.

The award, the national NACDEP Excellence in Teamwork Award, creates a platform for community development work to be showcased in a professional setting beyond the state level and creates a pathway toward national distinction.

“One of the benefits of NACDEP membership is an opportunity to be recognized for outstanding work by your peers,” said NACDEP President Trudy Rice of Kansas State University Research and Extension. “The long term benefit to Extension Community Development is an opportunity to learn from our peers.  These award winners that are being recognized represent the best of the best and will provide new ideas for expanding our work across the nation.”

Kris Parker, who leads the Beginner’s Guide to Grant Writing program, has been with Purdue Extension since 2005 and has been involved in the area of Community Development in northwest Indiana.

“The new and improved grant writing workshop has yielded $1.7 million in grant dollars awarded to recent participants just in its first year and a half. Those funds represent a wide range of projects that impact the quality of life in communities across the state, from stream bank stabilization to domestic violence services to emergency response equipment,” said Parker. “I am so proud of all the work this team has done to build a program that serves a vital training need in Indiana.”

Team members include:

  • Kym Schwinkendorf
  • Kris Parker
  • Steve Yoder
  • Roberta Crabtree
  • Patty Keating
  • Mary Foell
  • George Okantey
  • Melinda Grismer
  • Janet Reed
  • Annette Lawler
  • Curt Emanuel
  • Gina Anderson
  • Karen Hinshaw
  • Katie Whiteford
  • Christina Ferroli
  • Vickie Hadley
  • Jennifer Cannon
  • Naomi Bechtold
  • Teri Hornberger
  • Jennifer Allen
  • Cindy Barber
  • Jennifer Stefancik
  • Terri Newcom
  • Roy Ballard

Created in 2003, The National Association of Community Development Extension Professionals is an organization dedicated to improving the visibility, coordination, professional status and resource base of community and economic development Extension programs and professionals.

NACDEP has over 310 individual memberships, represents 36 states, the U.S. territory of Guam and Puerto Rico. Active members are currently employed as Extension professionals with at least a 25% extension appointment with responsibilities or strong interests in community and economic development.

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