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Running for Local Office Seminar Gets Future Local Candidates Ready to Campaign



On September 24, 2019, Purdue Extension Community Development educator, Amanda Galloway, and Tippecanoe County Clerk, Julie Roush, presented to approximately 30 attendees of the pilot program, Elected Leadership: Running for Local Office. Participants learned more about the process for running for local office, and requirements and positions up for election in 2020. This program was conducted in collaboration with the county clerk, local political parties and other current elected officials to create a community of local political knowledge and participation.

As a result of the program, 96 percent reported understanding issues around campaign ethics, 91 percent are more knowledgeable about the election process, and 87 percent now know where to find resources to help them run for office. Additionally, 90 percent found the program valuable for their professional growth and development.

One participant stated, “It is wonderful to have opportunities at the local level for this kind of presentation.” Another stated, “I am thrilled to see how well panelists worked together. Good, tangible information shared tonight. I appreciate having accurate information available.”

The program will be piloted in approximately 10 other counties this winter. For more information, contact Tamara Ogle at

Tamara Ogle is a Purdue Extension regional educator for Community Development. She can be reached at

Amanda Galloway is a Purdue Extension educator in Tippecanoe County. She can be reached at



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