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Pre Fair June/July Newsletter


Understanding Agriculture – Growing Soybeans

Purdue Extension.

The Extension Line June-July 2022

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SIMM - Fish and Pineapple Dishes

Look for ways to save on your food budget? Shop once, eat twice: In this addition, enjoy delicious fish and pineapple recipes.

Safe Home Food Preservation Practices

Canning is easy right? Maybe think again. Canning our produce is hard work, but definitely worth it. Home growers and preservers should be...

ServSafe Training/Exam

The ServSafe Food Handler course is for anyone who needs basic food safety and food handling training, including home-based vendors, food service...

Applications Now Being Accepted for Spencer County 4-H Ambassador Contest

The 4-H Ambassador Contest roles and responsibilities provide both young men and young women the opportunity to represent 4-H in the community and...

Understanding Agriculture – Growing Corn

A few years ago, I ran a series of articles on understanding agriculture, designed for anyone in the general public who had an interest in...

Tea with the Queen and Court

Join the Hamilton County 4-H Fair Queen’s Court Sunday, June 12 at 2:00 p.m. in the Exhibition Center Dining Room for a Tea party with Royalty!


Livestock producers have the continual task of evaluating their pastures to ensure they have adequate plant stands for their animals to graze. When...


All are invited to attend a local program with Dr. Casey Mull. Topics for the program will include an overview of 4-H Opportunities For All; 4-H...

2022 Fair Schedule

2022 Washington County 4-H Fair Schedule

4-H Mini Day Camp

Join us for Mini Day Camp- June 15 & 16! They day will begin at 8am until 3pm at the Lawrence County 4-H Fairgrounds! Youth in grades K-2 are...

Morgan County 4-H Senior Spotlight 2022

Purdue Extension Morgan County wants to spotlight our 2022 4-H Seniors! Please fill out this form so we can spotlight you and your accomplishments....

Posey County 4-H Program - Find all of the 4-H info here you are looking for!!

2021-2022 4-H Enrollment is OPEN Oct 1, 2021-May 15, 2022, visit to enroll!

Knox County Becoming the Employer of Choice

This program is geared towards current and future farm or small business managers/owners looking to improve their human resource management (HRM)...

Lake County Master Gardeners Annual Garden Walk

Join the Lake County Master Gardeners on Sunday, June 26, 2022, 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. for “A Day in the Gardens”, Garden Walk to...

Asian Needle Ants Found in Indiana

Two ant specimens taken from a wooded area in southern Indiana by an astute amateur entomologist, who observed their appearance and behavior as...

Purdue Experts Urge Scouting for High-Risk Seedling Corn Soon

Time will tell whether this turns out to be a cutworm year in corn fields or not. Purdue experts urge farmers to be prepared to scout for black...

New Law for Home-Based Vendors

If you sell food to an end consumer in the state of Indiana, you are either established as a Retail Food Establishment or a Home-Based Vendor. Most...

Discover home food preservation with Purdue Extension

Home canners are encouraged to join Purdue Extension for the Mastering Home Food Preservation training this summer at Purdue University.

Master Gardener Class Announced for Fall 2022

Practical Home Gardening Virtual Series

Purdue Extension Area Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension Educators from across the state offer Practical Home Gardening Virtual Series on...



Knox County "Add A Row" Produce Donation Program

The Knox County "Add a Row" Produce Donation Program aims to connect local produce farmers and home vegetable gardeners to local...

May & June 2022 Newsletter

Purdue Extension Jennings County 2022 May and June Newsletter.

Purdue Extension Martin County Blast May 9, 2022

Purdue Extension Martin County Blast showcases the latest information on programs, events, educational resources, and opportunities!

Purdue Extension Martin County Blast May 16, 2022

Purdue Extension Martin County Blast showcases the latest information on programs, events, educational resources, and opportunities!


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