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Grace Miller Feature

Grace Miller 4-H Feature


Grace Miller is sharing sweet treats and smiles.

A homeschooled student with Northpoint Homeschool Academy, Grace Miller, 12, is taking her 4-H experience to the next level with her own baking business, Grace’s Treats.

As proprietor of Grace’s Treats, Miller prepares cookies, rice treats, cupcakes, brownies, and her signature cake pops.

Miller has been in 4-H for four years and participated in Arts & Crafts, Cake Decorating, Clogging, Photography, Foods and Rabbits.  While her favorite project to exhibit is Photography, it was her skills in Cake Decorating and Foods that helped her launch her business.

“I love seeing how much people love a sweet treat and I love baking and sharing treats. I love to see the smile on people’s faces when they get to share a baked good.  I wanted to share that feeling with others myself,” said Miller.

With the help of supportive friends and family, Grace’s Treats was launched.

Now in her third year running her business, Miller finds herself busiest around the holidays, but she also does a lot of baking for birthday parties and special events – as many as four or five events each month.  She credits her 4-H experience with helping her business heat up.

“4-H has really helped me move forward with my business.  I have really learned a lot.  My Photography project skills help me take good publicity photos.  The Cake Decorating project has taught me skills for decorating nice cupcakes,” said Miller.

As a member of Husky 4-H’ers 4-H Club, Miller also gives credit to her club leaders for encouraging her to do a demonstration for her fellow members. miller


“I definitely became more comfortable and confident speaking with people and in front of a group.”

“4-H has taught me how to work independently to achieve my goals.  It helped me develop my love of baking and sparked new, creative ways for me to move forward.”

 In addition to 4-H, Miller is a dance student at Laura Hayden’s School of Dance and participates in drama with True North Homeschool.  She lives in Cicero with her family.


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