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Meet Our New Educators!


Cora Hill - Horticulture and Urban Agriculture


Hello! My name is Cora Hill and I'm the Urban Ag & Horticulture educator. I graduated from Purdue with a degree in agricultural education, and I did an internship here at Allen County Extension while I was a Purdue student. After I graduated from Purdue, I was an agriculture teacher and FFA advisor at Eastbrook High School in Marion for 3 years. I enjoyed helping people learn and running the school's greenhouse with my students, and I'm excited to be in extension now and continue learning, connecting with people in the community, working with the Master Gardeners, and start offering educational programs related to urban ag and horticulture! Outside of work, I like reading, baking, gardening and my house plants.

For questions, reach out to me at 260-481-6435 or email at


Jeannette Mayer - Nutrition Education Program Advisor


My name is Jeannette Mayer, I’m the Nutrition Education Program Advisor for Purdue Extension - Allen County. Since we share the mission of strengthening our communities, I believe we can accomplish more together. We can bring NEP’s exciting, interactive programs to your clients. I, like all NEPAs, have been trained to teach classes and provide food demonstrations utilizing Purdue-recommended safety protocols. I offer in-person, video, and virtual classes in Spanish to program participants. In addition to hands-on cooking demonstrations. All services are free to participants.

If you have any questions regarding my program, please contact me at 260-273-3841 or e-mail at


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