4-H State & National Trips

State and national 4-H experiences provide the opportunity for 4-H teens to expand their horizons beyond their home community. During these programs led by 4-H volunteers and Purdue University staff and faculty, participants dive deep into various subjects, develop leadership skills, make friends from around the state and country, and more.

Most trips have application deadlines months in advance, so be sure to plan ahead. Registration is completed via 4-H Online.


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Current Opportunities for 4-H State & National Trips

4-H Round-Up

June | Grades 7-9

4-H Round-Up is an exciting opportunity offered to youth who have completed grades 7, 8, and 9. Attendees have an opportunity to explore a variety of careers by attending classes created just for Round-Up attendees at Purdue University. Participants will get a taste of college life and will live in a Purdue Residence Hall for two nights. Youth have an opportunity to meet others from across the state and further develop their leadership skills. Recreation events are planned in the evenings and blocks of free time allow attendees the opportunity to build friendships on their own.

4-H Round-Up Details

4-H Academy

June | Grades 9-12

4-H Academy is specifically designed to offer hands-on, exciting opportunities to learn about a diverse selection of subjects and careers. During this conference, participants meet and learn from professors, graduate students, and other experts in their respective fields and participate in interactive activities and experiential learning. Participants stay in a Purdue University Residence Hall for two nights while exploring the Purdue University campus and meeting 4-H members from across the state.

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State Junior Leader Conference

June | Grades 9-12

The Junior Leader Conference gives youth the opportunity to learn new leadership skills for themselves and others, meet new friends from around the state, and share the knowledge they gain with those at home. Conference attendees participate in skill sessions, state park group meetings, skits and talent shows, recreational activities, a banquet and dance, and more.

Junior Leader Conference Details

State 4-H Band Workshop

June | Grades 9-12

State 4-H Band is a 3-day workshop where youth improve their instrumental skills as they prepare for a concert band performance during 4-H Round-Up. Any youth who has completed grades 9-12 may apply, and 4-H membership is not required. Selection is made by the State 4-H Band Director and Coordinator.

4-H Band Details

State 4-H Chorus

June | Grades 9-12

State 4-H Chorus is a 4-day workshop where youth improve their vocal and choreography skills as they prepare for a show choir performance during 4-H Round-Up. State 4-H Chorus members also perform at the Indiana State Fair on 4-H Day. Any youth who has completed grades 9-12 may apply, and 4-H membership is not required. Selection is made by the State 4-H Chorus Director and Coordinator.

4-H Chorus Details

Citizenship Washington Focus

Spring | Grades 9-12

This one-time trip is an exciting experience for 4-H members and other youth to go to the nation's capital and learn more about the meaning of citizenship. Listening, learning, sharing, receiving, caring, and touring combine to provide a deeper respect and understanding for our American heritage and the principles, processes, and structures of the U.S. government.

Young people acquire increased motivation and skills for dealing with contemporary social issues and for taking leadership in community development, government affairs, and related projects when they return home. Each delegate will take part in workshops on contemporary issues and topics such as international affairs, human relations, government, ecology and conservation, family life and dating, community development, drama and creative expression, economics, agricultural policy, leadership, and careers. In addition, advanced training sessions are scheduled to provide in-depth concentration on one topical area such as community development, heritage, economics, politics, environment and ecology, human relations, communications, family life and dating, advanced citizenship-seminar policy, and others of current interest.

Citizenship Washington Focus Details

National 4-H Conference

Spring | Grades 10-12

National 4-H Conference is the annual premier national civic engagement opportunity for 4-H members across the country. Delegates will not only learn while at the conference, but will have the opportunity to practice and apply in a real world setting their newly developed and refined skills. Delegates choose an important societal topic and in round table groups prepare a briefing. During the conference, groups present their briefing to federal officials around the Washington, D.C. area. One to four delegates represent Indiana at National 4-H Conference.

National 4-H Conference Details

National 4-H Dairy Conference

Fall | Grades 9-12

The purpose of the National 4-H Dairy Conference is to provide an educational program for better understanding of the operations involved in the production, processing, marketing, and use of dairy products; to provide a means by which youth can achieve educational objectives based on the developmental needs of youth; and to provide a broader understanding of careers available in dairy production, processing, marketing, and selected areas. ​

Delegates should have completed at least three years of 4-H dairy program, an outstanding record of 4-H accomplishments with major emphasis on dairy animal projects, the ability to make a real contribution to the conference, and be capable of bringing inspiration and information back to their home county. Delegates may attend this conference only one time.

National Dairy Conference Details

National 4-H Youth Congress

Fall | Grades 9-12

National 4-H Congress​ is one of the premier experiences for 4-H members across the country. For more than 90 years, 4-H members have been gathering to celebrate the successes and accomplishments of 4-H at this event. National 4-H Congress provides a life-changing experience for youth to meet other 4-H members from across the country as they participate in educational workshops focusing on diversity, cultural experiences, leadership, team development, and of course, having fun! 4-H members in grades 9-12 may apply. Nine select applicants and the Indiana State Fair Fashion Revue Grand Champion will comprise Indiana's delegation.

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