Fulton County 4-H

What IS 4-H

4-H prepares young people to be leaders in their community through hands-on experiences alongside their peers and caring adults. 4-H relies heavily on responsible adult volunteers in order to provide a positive experience for our youth. Some of our volunteers provide leadership for our local 4-H clubs, while others contribute their expertise on a given topic. 


The Indiana 4-H Youth Development mission is to provide real-life educational opportunities that develop young people who will have a positive impact in their communities and the world.


Indiana 4-H Youth Development strives to be the premier, community-based program empowering young people to reach their full potential. 


4-H can be found in all different types of communities. 4-H is open to all youth in grades 3-12 (mini 4-H is offered to grades K-2 in most counties) without regard to race, religion, color, sex, national origin, marital status, parental status, sexual orientation, or disability.


Contact Us

Purdue Extension - Fulton County

Crystal Grossman

Purdue Educator - 4-H Youth Development 

1009 W. 3rd Street

Rochester, IN 46975


 email: crgrossm@purdue.edu 

4-H Pledge










Enrollment is now open for new and returning members and adult volunteers on 4H Online beginning

Please make sure we have all updated emails, phone numbers, and mailing addresses for all future communications. 

Fulton County Fair  July 6-13, 2024

Indiana State Fair  August 2 - 18, 2024 (Closed on Mondays) 

YQCA training:        https://yqcaprogram.org 

 Please click on the dropdown box below for more information on creating a new account. Don't forget to call the extension office for your coupon code to waive the in-person fee. 

4-H Information

Learn about the different clubs that you can join, and where and when they meet. You can join any club, clubs help provide all your informational needs and are able to answer questions about general 4-H. 

Click on the link below to view all our Fulton County 4-H clubs, leader information, club dates, and times. 



Please use this website to enroll as a member or volunteer. If you have any questions, please call the extension office.

Enrollment opened on October 1st, 2023. 

The FINAL deadline to add or drop projects is May 15, 2024


You will use Fairentry to select which project/division you will be showing your livestock and community building projects. This also will help with the Livestock Sale at the end of fair week. 

Example: 4honline - member selected photography

               Fairentry - member then selects photography...division 3, black and white salon print. 


Fairentry will be open mid May thru June, for all  Community Building 4H projects. Exact dates are to be announced later. 

Fairentry will be open late spring for all livestock to be listed for the county fair. Exact dates are to be announced at a later date. 

Please type in your browser:  fairentry.com  to log into this website, and use your 4HOnline credentials to link the two together.

steps on fairentry 












Fulton County Pork Producers Scholarship 

Due April 12th, 2024

Please return to either the Fulton County Extension office or to your school counselor by the due date. 

Please see your school counselor for the application or click on the link below. 

2024 Fulton County Pork Producers Scholarship application


Day camps are located here at the Fairgrounds!! Extra forms are available in the Extension office. 

Mini 4-H members:  
                                  Grades K - 2nd. 
                                  The cost is $5.00 per camper 
Regular 4-H members: 
                                         Grades 3rd to 5th
                                         The cost is $10.00 per camper


Click on the links for information on 4-H Academy, 4-H Band, 4-H Chorus, and 4-H Round-Up. 
Call the Extension office for help with registering these great opportunities. 
Indiana State Fair Exhibit Hall Workers job opportunity. Must be at least 14 years of age up to college-age young adults. Click on the link for the online applications and requirements. This job opportunity would be for workers to help with check-in projects, monitor the projects in the exhibit halls during the state fair, and the check-out process. 
The 2024 Indiana State Fair 4-H Exhibit Hall application will be posted in the spring of 2024.
Please check back to apply. 


Please click on the links below for website and information


YQCA website


Instructions for creating accounts and classes

 Any 4H member showing livestock at the Fulton County 4H Fair and/or at the Indiana State Fair is required to complete the YQCA training or the Indiana Quality Livestock Care training

Please complete a course for your age level.  Since YQCA and 4HOnline no longer work together, we will need proof from you that the course is complete. We will have a master list in the Extension Office to give to all the livestock barn heads if you want to send in your copy of the certificate. Otherwise,  it is YOUR responsibility to have that with you at EACH barn when you check in your animals at the Fulton County Fair.  You can email a copy of the certificate to either Kris, Jeannie or Crystal.

Kris :  battenk@purdue.edu

Jeannie : rock3@purdue.edu

Crystal : crgrossm@purdue.edu 


The deadline to complete the course is JULY 1st, 2024. 


Classes for the in-person certification will be announced at a later date. Please check back after January 2024



4H members (grade 3-12) MUST identify in 4HOnline all Beef & Dairy cattle, Goats, Horses, Sheep, Swine, Rabbits, and Poultry by May 15, 2024!!

DNA  hair samples must be turned into the Extension Office by May 15, 2024, to be eligible for the INDIANA STATE 4H FAIR shows. 

Mini 4-H members do not need to identify their animals. 

Click here for animal science forms and vaccination forms 

Animal Information and Vaccination Forms


 View county and state fair project guidelines here!!

County: 2023-2024

Click on the link for the current 2023-2024 Fulton County Summary guide.  

 2024 Fulton County Summary Guide updated


 State Fair: 2023-2024  August 2-18th, 2024 (closed on Mondays) 

 Indiana State Fair 4H projects and guidelines


 Click on the link below for the Indiana State Fair Livestock Entry books:  



  ****The 2023-2024 Summary guide is subject to change ****