Do you love chickens? There’s a 4-H project for that!

The 4-H Poultry Project provides youth a fun and hands-on learning experience that develops life skills and teaches valuable information about properly caring for their birds.

4-H poultry manuals include information for families about poultry general care, nutrition, housing, and health care. Youth also have the opportunity to develop responsibility, decision-making, nurturing, and communication skills through active participation in the 4-H Poultry Project.


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About Marion County 4-H

4-H provides a safe and caring hands-on learning environment for young people to practice important life skills, make friends, and share their skills. Every 4-H’er’s journey is unique and catered to their specific interests.

Marion County has about 20 4-H clubs that are spearheaded by our passionate 4-H adult volunteers and offer over 60 projects for area youth. In addition to club and project activities, Marion County offers local, state, and national 4-H program opportunities.

4-H Poultry Projects members discussing their birds.
4-H Poultry Project members discussing their birds at the 4-H Showcase.

Poultry Project FAQ

Why raise chickens as a family?

Animals provide a unique opportunity for young people to learn hands-on and care for the world around them. In addition to providing nutritious eggs for your family, chickens are friendly, fun animals with interesting personalities!

Why 4-H?

4-H is the oldest youth development organization in the nation. Our program has agricultural roots, and we have been teaching young people to “learn by doing” through care of animals and plants for over 100 years. Marion County 4-H has many opportunities for young people to develop their passions in Agriculture, STEM, Civic Engagement, and Healthy Living.

Do I have to be in a club to showcase my chickens?

You sure don’t! We love it when young people participate in 4-H clubs, but your family can also just enroll in 4-H and bring your birds to our 4-H Showcase event in the summer!

Is my chicken worthy of showing?

Your chicken doesn’t have to be the prettiest in the flock to be shown at a 4-H fair! We like to see birds that are loved and well-cared for by children above looks or interesting breeds.

We don’t have chickens. Can we still do something to showcase my child’s interest?

Yes! Even if you don’t have chickens at home, you can still participate in 4-H Showcase by creating an educational poster! Learn more here.

I'm looking for a chicken-related program for my classroom or youth group.

Contact a Marion County 4-H Educator to learn about Chick Quest, a chick embryology program where young people learn about chickens at all stages of their development, from incubation through hatching! This comprehensive curriculum aligns to state standards. Incubators, eggs, chick habitat, youth manuals, and expert support are included.

4-H poultry project member with her bird
A 4-H Poultry Project member with her bird at the Marion County 4-H Showcase.

How to Join

Getting Started: First, enroll in Indiana 4-H. Then find a club near you to join. Contact club leaders for more information about available projects and the ages of members. Ask to try out a meeting as a guest.

Cost: Enrollment fees for Marion County 4-H are $15 per year. Families enrolling more than three youth (grades 3 -12) receive a discount. There are no program fees for 4-H’ers grades K-2.

For more assistance, contact us to guide you through the enrollment process.

Show at Marion County 4-H Showcase!

Every year in July, Marion County 4-H members can showcase their 4-H projects and animals at the 4-H Showcase! You can talk with a judge about your chicken and win a ribbon!

Even if you don’t have chickens at home, you can still participate in 4-H Showcase by creating an educational poster! Learn more here.

poultry judging and the Marion County 4-H Showcase
4-H Poultry Project members speak with a judge about their birds at the Marion County 4-H Showcase.

4-H Poultry Manuals

You can learn more about how to raise and care for your birds by completing one of the project activity guides, based on your skill level:

Project manuals may also be available to purchase at the Marion County Extension office, and older editions of manuals (if available) are free. Contact us to ask about availability!

Marion County 4-H Poultry Project Rules & Guidelines

Contact Information for Poultry Project