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Welcome 4-H Families!  We hope you will find these resources useful!  We are always working to improve our site, so if you have suggestions for other resources you would like to see here, please let us know!

2024 4-H Fair Schedule

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Fair Entry is the online system Indiana 4-H uses to enter all 4-H projects exhibited at the county and state level.  Fair Entry works with the 4HOnline system, so 4-H'ers will use their 4HOnline profile and password. 4-H’ers will need to register each “exhibit” or “project” they plan to bring to the 4-H Fair in the Fair Entry system.  This will be the way the Extension Office prepares the check-in/judging sheets and records the results.  Below are some helpful resources.  All Fair Entry Registrations must be made by July 1.

Click here to begin enrolling your projects in the Fair Entry System.

2024 Fair Entry Family Guide

Video Guide for Fair Entry below

Wondering where to check in your 4-H Sewing?  Which entrance to use for your goats? See our helpful links below for project check-in.

Project Listing

Exhibition Center Check-in Flow

Livestock Check-in Map 

The Hamilton County 4-H Fair & Livestock Auction will soon be here! 4-H'ers can contact potential buyers at any time to suggest they bid on animals at the 4-H Auction. 

  • The Livestock Auction Flyer explains the benefits and procedures of the 4-H Auction. This flyer is for 4-H'ers to share with prospective livestock buyers. 
  • If you are soliciting your own buyers, all information needs to be turned into the Sales Desk by Tuesday night of the auction. Please collect ALL funds for large groups in advance of the auction!
  • The format will be the same as in previous years. The premium bid has worked well and seems to be easier for the buyers to bid and understand. You will receive market price based on the weight and finish of your animal. However, in the auction ring, the animal will be sold on a dollar premium amount. This is the amount above the market value of your animal.
  • Please remind your buyers there is a minimum of $25 for any add-on to your auction animal. This will speed up reconciliation and mailing of your auction check.
  • The auction fee for the animals is 4% of the premium price of all animal species. These funds are used to encourage buyers to participate in the auction and to pay for those costs associated with conducting the auction (supplies, postage, advertising, buyer meals, etc.).
  • It is also the responsibility of the Auction Committee to collect check-off fees. Therefore, we will be collecting the appropriate amounts as designated by the various national producer organizations that have a federally approved check-off.
  • You will receive your checks as soon as it is financially and organizationally possible. We will be sending invoices a few days following the 4-H Livestock Auction.
  • The Auction Committee would like all 4-H'ers to return immediately to the ring and shake their buyer's hand. Also, please remember to write thank you notes to the buyer(s) of your animal. This is not only the courteous thing to do, but also makes the buyer aware of the integrity of the 4-H program. This is very important!  
  • You must sign your animal up for the Hamilton County Livestock Auction BEFORE NOON on Saturday of the Hamilton County 4-H Fair! No auction entries will be accepted after Noon! 
  • You must pick up your preprinted Auction Entry Form in the Extension Office between Wednesday and before Noon on Saturday. Guardians are required to sign the Auction Forms in addition to the 4-H'ers signature. This information is used for the Auction Program.
  • If you plan to have a large group buying your animal, please use the Multi-Buyer Auction Form found attached to this email.  Please have a contact name at the bottom of the front page. (See attachment below the Purdue logo.
  • Your 4-H Livestock Records must be complete for you to participate in the 
    4-H Livestock Auction. All exhibitors must be YQCA certified to sell their animals in the auction or as a direct sale to the packer.
  • You must have exhibited your auction animal yourself during the show to sell!
  • You must be with your animal in the auction ring for the animal to sell!

Every 4-H member in the Sewing Wearable category is invited to participate in the county Fashion Revue judging. Fashion Revue gives 4-H'ers a chance to wear and display their outfits. The focus of Fashion Revue is on modeling, garment fit and appearance, and accessorizing.

The date of the private judging for Hamilton County Fashion Revue is TUESDAY, JULY 9, 2024 in the evening. This year's judging will be held in Hall C of the Hamilton County Exhibition Center at the 4-H Fairgrounds in Noblesville (2003 Pleasant Street).

In order to participate in Fashion Revue judging, you MUST pre-register by WEDNESDAY, JULY 5 by submitting this Google form. You will NOT be allowed to participate if you do not pre-register by July 5.  A schedule with a specific start time for each grade/category will be sent via email as soon as possible after July 5.

The date of the public Fashion Revue is FRIDAY, JULY 19 at 7:00 p.m. in Hall A of the Hamilton County Exhibition Center at the 4-H Fairgrounds in Noblesville. You must wear the same garments and accessories at the public Fashion Revue as you wear in the private judging.

If you are entering your Consumer Clothing project for the 4-H Fashion Revue, click here for more information.

Click here for the Consumer Clothing Questionnaire.

The 2024 4-H Queen Pageant will be held Friday, July 12 at 7:00 p.m. in the Exhibition Center on the 4-H Fairgrounds.  Contestant applications are due May 15.

To be eligible, a contestant must be 16 years old and no more than 20 years old by June 1 of the current year.  To be eligible, a contestant must be a current member of Hamilton County 4-H or completed her previous year in Hamilton County 4-H. No professional model is eligible for the state contest.  A professional model is someone who earns their livelihood by modeling.  A contestant who works for a high school or college fashion board is not considered a professional model.  A contestant who has competed at the state fair finals cannot compete again.  Click here for more information.