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The 2024 4-H Handbook PDF is available to download and print. Printed handbooks will be available in February at the Extension Office while supplies last. 


we strongly recommend filling out a 4-H enrollment form digitally for convenience when accessing 4-H Online. However, if you do not have aces to interment connection, we will accept hard copy applications. 



This form can be used to record activities the year, and submitted when applying for awards and scholarships.

Indiana 4-H Policies & Procedures 2024

The Indiana 4-H Program Policies & Procedures provide us with a structure to follow at the state and county levels, ensuring we are adhering to state and federal guidelines. The Policies & Procedures contained on this page allow you to see the guidance Indiana 4-H has in place, providing additional transparency and consistency among all county 4-H programs.

Policies & Procedures


See below for Manuals, Record Sheets, Narration Forms and more
Please note that all Manuals are not avaiable online yet. Please contact the Extenion Office if you need a manual. 

Mini 4-H and Kinder Clovers

Mini 4-H


 Mini 4-H is open to any boy or girl in first or second grade at the time of enrollment.   Mini 4-H is for those who would be interested in exploring 4-H and taking part in the Cass County 4-H Fair.

 Up to three projects are recommended but no more than eight projects for exhibit by a Mini 4-H Member, this is including livestock projects. All Mini 4-Hers will receive a Mini 4-H participant ribbon.

Save the Date: 2024 Mini 4-H Day Camp will be on  Saturday, June 15th.     

Mini 4-H Enrollment Form, or enroll with 4-H Online!


Kinder Clovers

Kinder Clovers are a special part of the 4-H program – just for Kindergartners! Kinder Clovers is learning what 4-H is all about and exhibiting a project at the Cass County 4-H Fair. Kinder Clovers can enroll and exhibit up to 3 projects at the fair. To complete your Kinder Clover project, you must complete the appropriate record sheet and turn it in with your project on the Saturday that all projects are due. e_-branded-element-1.png

Projects for Kinder Clovers are: Crafts/Models; Animals/Livestock; Foods; Bugs and Cookie Decorating. No livestock will be shown by Kinder Clovers. All Kinder Clovers will receive a Kinder Clove participation ribbon.

Kinder Clovers Enrollment Form,or enroll with 4-H Online!

More information for Mini 4-H and Kinder Clovers in Cass County can be found in the Cass County 4-H Handbook at https://extension.purdue.edu/county/cass/4-h-information/2023-4-h-handbook-2.pdf. 

4-H Scholarship Opportunities

The Blank 4-H Scholarship is designed to promote the well-rounded tenure of a 4-H member of Cass County. The award designates the recipient as an outstanding ten (10) year member on the local, county and state level. It encourages him or her to continue leadership to further develop 4-H work in Indiana.  To be eligible for The Blank 4-H Scholarship the 4-H member shall be any ten (10) year 4-H member who resides in Cass County and has also completed at least three (3) years in Junior Leaders. Applications are due to the Cass County Extension Office by February 16, 2024. The Committee shall meet to select the award recipient. The scholarship winner will be announced at the 4-H Ten-Year Award Presentations at the Cass County 4-H Fair. 

The Helms Family Scholarship was established by the family of Tom & Barb Helms. The award is presented at the Cass County 4-H Fair. To be eligible, the student must be a 10 year 4-Her, from any Cass County high school. Additional details and the application are available at the Cass County Community Foundation.

Cass County Community Foundation 4-H Scholarship was started by the McKaig Family to honor and remember 4-H Friends who are no longer with us. Eligibility criteria includes being a Cass County 4-Her in good standing and enrolled in their last year of 4-H, graduating from any Cass County high school, must submit an essay and include a letter of recommendation. Additional details and the application are available at the Cass County Community Foundation. 

Kiley Marschand 4-H Scholarship recognizes a 4-Her from Cass, Fulton, Hamilton, Howard, and Tipton counties who has been active in 4-H for at least three years.. This scholarship is stewarded by the Central Indiana Community Foundation.


In partnership with the Indiana 4-H Foundation, the Indiana 4-H Youth Development Program annually awards more than $150,000.00 in scholarships to 4-H members to pursue post-secondary education. Scholarships are awarded to recognize youth participating in Indiana’s 4-H Youth Development Program on their achievements and life skill development resulting from their participation in a variety of 4-H experiences.Applications are due January 25th. Youth may complete their application through their 4-H Online account.


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