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Scott County 4-H Info

4-H Enrollment is open October 1 each year, and we want to help you get enrolled! This list of Frequently Asked Questions can help you navigate the system. If you have a question, but it is not on the list, let us know. 


System Questions:

Where do I go to Enroll?

The most direct way is to go to You can also get there by going to and click on the box at the bottom of the page. You are also welcome to stop by the office and we can help you out.

The system seems to be stuck, and it will not let me go to the next page. How do I fix it?

4HOnline works best with Firefox and Chrome. Often it will not work well with older versions of Internet Explorer. Try using a different browser. 

If you are using a compatible browser, try logging out and logging back in after restarting your browser.

I think I created a family profile, but I can’t seem to log in. What do I do?

If you know the email address you used, you can use the “I Forgot My Password” Feature. If you do not know what email you used, contact the office and we can look it up and initiate the password reset.

I received an email. Why?

A few of the emails you received are automatically generated by the system. Please review them carefully to determine if you need to take any action. If we send your record back to be corrected, we will make a note in there for you to know why. If you ever have questions about something you have received, please call the office.

Personal Information Questions:

Why do I see an “Address Not Verified Warning”?

It means the address entered is not matching up with the USPS database. Try double checking the spellings and abbreviations to correct it.

Does the “Family Name” need to be the child’s last name?

No, the family name should be the household name, and each child can have a different last name, which would be filled in on their individual enrollment.

Do I have to enter a middle name?

You must enter something, but it can simply be a middle initial. If the person truly does not have a middle initial, please enter a #.

Why does it ask for another email address after I have already entered a family email?

The email field on the Youth Personal Information page is the email for the youth (if different from the family email). No need to enter anything unless it is different from the family email.

If both parents live at the same address, do I have to enter the address in again?

No, only enter the address if it is different from the “Family” address.

What is the box for “second household send correspondence”?

This is simply letting us know if we should send information to multiple places for a child. Examples: If they spend time with parents at two different addresses, or if grandparents help with 4-H Projects and would like to receive the information the youth receives.

Why do we list an Emergency Contact if we already have the parents’ information?

This is in case we need to contact someone on behalf of the child, but the parents are not available. In all emergency situations, we will first try to contact the parents/guardians.

What does it mean to be a Youth Volunteer?

Most members will not check this box unless they are a club officer or in Junior Leaders.

My child is Homeschooled, but we have a school name. How should I list it?

Even if the state has given your homeschool a name (such as your last name), please still mark them as Homeschooled under the first radio button for school information.

I am over 18, but it asks for my parent’s signature- can I not sign for myself?

Yes, you can type your name in the parent line as well.    


Payment Questions:

What does 4-H Check mean?

It means you will come to the office to pay by cash or check for your 4-H Enrollment. You have this option or paying by credit card in the enrollment process.

How do I pay by credit card?

On the Payment Screen, be sure to click the box that says “Add New Card” and follow the instructions.

Can I pay by credit card in the office?

At this time, we cannot accept credit card payments in the office, but you can pay by credit card before submitting the enrollment for review.

Does the online system store my credit card information?

No, 4HOnline does not store your credit card information. It is put into a secure online processing party, so the Extension Office and State 4-H Office are not able to access that information.

I have multiple children, can I pay for them all in one credit card transaction?

To better track our invoices, you must put the credit card information in for each child. We cannot combine multiple payments in one transaction; however, you can pay using one check in the office.

How does the fee cap work for larger families?

If you have more than three members in regular 4-H, you only pay for three of them and the program fee is waived for the rest. Please note, mini 4-H members do not count in the total. If you have more than three, you can only pay for three by credit card, then mark the fourth as a payment in the Extension office in the payment section, the 4H online system will automatically waive the fee of any more than 3 regular 4-H members.

When will my credit card be charged?

Your card is not charged at the time you submit the enrollment. It will not be charged until our office reviews and accepts the member.


Information on Open Enrollment for 2023-2024 is now available.  New 4-H members are so valuable to our program, because they bring new ideas, experiences, and energy to our 4-H community, which helps us all develop great life skills and make the future better. After all, our motto is “To Make the Best Better” and we are happy to have you join us in this endeavor.

4-H programs are offered in every county, in every state in the nation. Locally, thousands of children, grades K-12, participate in the 4-H program through club involvement, special interest programs, and more. As a new 4-H family, you are certainly part of something very special. As you become more and more involved with 4-H, you will continue to have new opportunities – even beyond Scott County – because 4-H events occur at the county, area, state, national, and even international levels! But all the fun starts at the club level. We encourage your family to become very active with your 4-H club.

Your Support System

4-H is a network of clubs and projects that is mostly volunteer run, but based out of our office. Megan Stone is the Extension Educator for 4-H and Youth Development, which means she helps manage the program, screen and train volunteers, and offer programming to our amazing youth.

We understand starting 4-H can be a little confusing, and the Purdue Extension-Scott County office is here to help.

New 4-H Family Assistance

New Member Orientation Date TBD

Feel free to call (812) 752-8450 or stop by the office in the basement of the Scott County Courthouse to get your questions answered.                               

Want more 4-H information? Check out the other topics listed on this page.


See Enrollment Information on how to get your child enrolled in 4-H!






Quality Care of Animals

Quality Assurance programs are a great way to ensure our youth producers are creating a product we can be proud to consume. Any Indiana youth wishing to exhibit an animal at a county or state fair must have completed either an in-person Quality Care of Animals training or completed the online YQCA Certification each year. 

Please read on to get all of the information for completing this training and make sure you have met all of your requirements. 

Quality Care of Animals - in-person training

AT Livestock Workshop 


Updated information coming soon!

  • Purpose of training is to ensure a quality product to end user.

If you cannot attend either of these in-person trainings, you must complete the certification by going online to, pay $12 online and complete the online training. Then email a copy of your completed certificate to or so the office will have it on file.  

This is an annual recertification to be eligible to exhibit at the fair.

"All Livestock exhibitors are responsible for becoming certified by June 10th to be eligible to show at the fair.  If you are not certified, you are ineligible to exhibit or sell your animal."



The 4-H Program would not exist without amazing volunteers, and we appreciate their time whether they can dedicate a few hours or many years. Since we work with youth, we take some precautions to make sure we have great role models for our members; therefore, we ask anyone wanting to volunteer with our program to complete the Approved 4-H Volunteer Process. While this process is fairly simple, there are a few steps, and the time it takes to complete this process can vary. We encourage anyone interested in volunteering to initiate this process.

What is a 4-H Volunteer?

A 4-H volunteer is anyone that wants to be involved in our 4-H program. The time commitment and area of interest vary for each individual. We would love to have your help whether it is a few hours of office work or digital design or to lead a club for years.  If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Megan Stone ( or 812-752-8450) and she can help you find the right fit for you. We are always looking for great help to "Make the Best Better"!

Steps for the 4-H Volunteer Approval Process

  1. Complete and Return the Paper Volunteer Application (click here for Volunteer Application)

You initiate the process by completing the application. You can complete it electronically or by paper. Once it is complete, return it by email, postal mail, or drop it off at our office. The addresses are:

 Mailing/Physical: 1 E McClain Ave, Suite G-30, Scottsburg, IN  47170

To speed up the process, we ask that you include complete contact information for your references, and let them know you are putting them down so they can be expecting the form. We try to send these by postal mail as much as possible, but we can send them via email as well.

  1. Reference Checks and Background Searches

Once you complete your 4-H adult volunteer application, our office will process these items and will contact you if we are having trouble getting information back from a reference. The amount of time this portion takes is completely dependent on how long it takes to get the reference forms back. 

  1. Volunteer Interview/Orientation with Megan

After your references are returned, we will contact you about scheduling a meeting with Megan. We typically try to do this as group sessions, so you can benefit from the questions others ask and meet other new volunteers; however, if the group sessions do not meet your schedule, you can schedule an individual meeting. This meeting takes about 45 minutes and will review the basics of being a 4-H volunteer and give you resources to help you get involved. 

  1. Create a 4Honline Profile (click here for 4-H online instructions)

During the meeting with Megan, she will provide you with instructions on creating your profile in our database, 4Honline. There are instructions with screenshots in the link above. This allows you to sign the Adult Behavioral Expectations and gets you on the mailing list(s) for the groups in which you are interested. The URL for the portal is You can update your own contact information at any time by simply logging back into your profile. If you have children in our 4-H program, you will use the same family profile you already have set up. 

  1. Complete volunteer trainings

When you have created your 4HOnline profile, Megan will approve the profile.  If you have just met with Megan, she will have gone over the Welcome video, Volunteer orientation, Youth Safety and Reporting training with you. These trainings are good for 1 year.  Each subsequent year, you will complete these trainings whenever you re-enroll in the 4H online system. 

  1. Renew Your Volunteer Commitment Annually

To maintain your approved volunteer status, we will send you a notice each year to ask you to re-affirm your commitment by re-enrolling through your 4HOnline profile each October. It is a simple process, and as long as you follow the Adult Behavioral Expectations and re-enroll each October, your volunteer status will remain. However, if you let your status lapse, you will have to repeat steps 1-5 again, including the same meeting with Megan. We understand if you want to take some time away from volunteer tasks, but please remember to at least log into your 4HOnline account. It is much simpler if you still at least retain your status in the event you want to return as a volunteer. 


2023 - 10 Year members

Andie Myers   Bailey Babbs     Becky Foster

Brady Watts   Emily Foster      Lilly Graham

Madyson RicheyMatthew Coats

Olivia Fugate

2023 - 

CJ White                                          Kadin Richardson                                   Kristina Owens

Kylie Eberlie                                    Tyler Stewart