About the 4-H Horse & Pony Project

Learn about all things horses and ponies – training, nutrition, housing, health care, and more! Caring for a horse helps you develop responsibility, decision-making, nurturing, and communication skills. Horse ownership is not required to participate.


Contact the Marion County 4-H office:


Horse Project Resources

You can learn more about how to care for and show your horse by completing one of the project activity guides, based on your skill level:

Project manuals may also be available to purchase at the Marion County Extension office, and older editions of manuals (if available) are free. Contact us to ask about availability!

Keep track of what you learn using a horse record sheet:

Other resources:

Showcasing What You’ve Learned

For the Marion County 4-H Showcase, you can enter a poster, notebook, or presentation highlighting what you have learned through our Animal Education project.

State Fair Exhibit Guidelines

Cloverbuds (Grades K-2)


  • You may enter a poster or notebook about horses through our Animal Education project.
  • Cloverbuds are not eligible to show horses/ponies at the State Fair.
  • Cloverbud projects are for exhibition only (not judged), so there are no score cards, and exhibits are not eligible to advance to the State Fair.

More Horse & Pony Project Resources