About the 4-H Electric Project

Learn about electricity and how it can be used to benefit communities! Learn safe practices, proper use of fuses and circuit breakers, proper lighting techniques, and proper wiring techniques while developing life skills such as decision-making, using science and technology, and communication skills.


Contact the Marion County 4-H office:


Electric Project Manuals

You can learn more about electricity by completing one of the project activity guides, based on your skill level:

Project manuals may also be available to purchase at the Marion County Extension office, and older editions of manuals (if available) are free. Contact us to ask about availability! Electric kits and other supplies are also available to purchase (see price list).

Keep track of the skills and knowledge you learn using a general record sheet or Level 5 record sheet. Contact the Marion County Extension Office to inquire about electricity kits/supplies that may be available for purchase.

Showcasing What You’ve Learned

You can create a project exhibit to showcase what you’ve learned while working on your project. Enter an electric project from those available in the project manuals for levels 1-5, or a poster describing what you learned. Project exhibits are submitted for judging at the annual Marion County 4-H Showcase.

Exhibit Guidelines

Score Cards

Advancing to the State Fair

  • Yes! Electric project exhibits from 4-H members grades 3 and up may advance to the State Fair.

Cloverbuds (Grades K-2)

Project Resources

Cloverbuds can use these fun resources to learn more about electricity:


  • Cloverbuds may exhibit a poster or notebook showing what you learned about electricity, such as things in your home and/or school that uses electricity to run, being safe with electricity, where electricity comes from, or explaining how magnets work or experiments you did with magnets.
  • Cloverbuds may also make an electromagnet or make a battery from a potato.
  • Cloverbud projects are for exhibition only (not judged), so there are no score cards, and exhibits are not eligible to advance to the State Fair.

More Electric Project Resources