About 4-H Livestock

What are 4-H Projects?

4-H'ers learn more about a subject matter they choose to study through completing hands-on activities, called projects. The LaPorte County 4-H program offers more than 60 projects for area youth. To enroll in a project, members must sign up for them at the time of enrolling in 4-H. There is no limit to the number of projects youth can sign up for, however, we suggest starting out with one or two your first year.

Exhibiting Projects

In order to exhibit livestock at the fair, 4-Hers must complete the Indiana 4-H Quality Livestock Care (QLC) Or YQCA certificate. In addition to identifying their animals in 4-H Online by May 15.

For more animal identification and exhibition information check it out here. Most livestock species send out ID Letters with important information if you did not get one, please find your species for the current year's letter. For Horse and Pony Newsletters visit our archives page.




Contact the LaPorte County 4-H office:

(219) 324-9407 

draft-horse.jpgEligible for State Fair under Horse & Pony
Eligible for State Fair under Horse & Pony
*County Project Only*
*Indicates a county-only project. County-only projects are project categories that LaPorte County 4-H members have asked to add because they have an interest in something that is not offered across the state. These projects are judged at the LaPorte County Fair but are not eligible to advance to judging at the Indiana State Fair

What is a premises ID and How do I obtain one?

All 4-H livestock youth are required to obtain a premises ID from the Indiana State Board of Animal Health (BOAH). Visit BOAH's FAQ page for more details. Obtain a premises ID from BOAH by visiting their website here.