EEO Posters & Statements

EEO Posters & Statements

The following posters must also be on display in your Extension Office.  These posters are provided by the University and must be displayed in conspicuous locations where they are easily seen by the employees, applicants, and members of the public.

EEO Statements

Please make sure to reference the official recommendation from Purdue University within the editorial style guide.

equal opportunity statements. Every Purdue University print and online publication, including but not limited to websites, magazines, banners, posters, mailers, invitations and billboards, must include an equal opportunity statement. There are two such statements — with the specific parameters of usage explained below.

All pieces that relate to faculty/staff employment and recruitment must use the following statement in full: Purdue is an EOE/AA employer. All individuals, including minorities, women, individuals with disabilities and veterans, are encouraged to apply.

All other Purdue materials — not pertaining to faculty-staff employment and recruitment — must include one of these statements: An equal access/equal opportunity university or EA/EOU.

E-Mail Signature –  If you wish, you may include the limited space statement, or, a link to the Purdue Extension EEO statement. This line is optional If you include it, make it 2 point sizes smaller than your signature font (so if your signature is in 12 point type, set the EEO statement link in 10 point type). The link should be EEO statement. Set the link in blue and link it to:

Accommodations Statement

You also need to include an accommodations statement on all promotional materials for a program or event.  It is extremely important to include a date to respond by. Here is a sample statement:

If you are in need of accommodations to attend this program, please contact [Educator name] prior to the meeting at [phone number and email address] by [date.]

If a meal is included, add:

For special dietary needs contact…by [date].​

If you do have a participant request accommodations for a program and have questions, please contact Cassandra Salazar ( If you need a translator or interpreter, the information can be found by clicking here.