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4-H Youth Development Resources and Landing Page

March 31, 2021
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Welcome to Steuben County 4-H!

Here you will a collection of resources that will be beneficial as you navigate your 4-H experience. 


What is 4-H

I'm new...where do I begin?

I want to be a 4-H Volunteer!

The Clover Connection - the Steuben County 4-H Newsletter

Steuben County 4-H Clubs (includes volunteer contact info, times, and locations) - see "Related Files" below

Steuben County 4-H Projects (grades 3-12)

Mini 4-H (grades K-2) - see "Related Files" below

Steuben County 4-H Project Information and Fair Book (includes who to call for club or project help) - 2021 version

4HOnline - Annual Enrollment/Re-Enrollment (enroll, add or change projects, switch clubs, enter animal identification, etc.)

        Click here for instructions if you are a returning 4-H Family ready to re-enroll for the new year.

        Click here for instructions if you are a brand new 4-H Family and need to create a new profile.

        Click here for instructions if you are a returning 4-H Adult Volunteer ready to re-enroll for the new year.

         Click here for instructions if you are a NEW 4-H Adult Volunteer and need to create a new profile.

Leader and Volunteer Resources - interested or existing leaders can find information on these pages (use the Volunteer tab at the top of the page)

Junior Leaders

Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA) - animal welfare program required for most livestock projects

Steuben County 4-H Fair

Fair Entry - where ACTUAL exhibit info is entered prior to the county 4-H fair

State Fair


Prospective Members

What is 4-H? 4-H is the largest youth serving organization in the U.S.A. It is a volunteer-led organization that reaches youth through a variety of programs in both rural and urban settings.  4-H programs are hands-on, age-appropriate, and university-based. 4-H helps youth improve their self-confidence, learn responsibility and subject matter, and develop leadership, civic engagement, communication, and decision-making skills that can be applied over a lifetime.

Who Can Join 4-H?  4-H is for anyone and everyone in grades 3-12. Tiny Clovers Mini 4-H is for youth in grades K-2.

How Do I Join 4-H?  Youth must annually enroll online in 4HOnline (, our exclusive 4-H data management system.  The enrollment window is October 1-January 15.  We can help match you up with a 4-H club in your township or community and help you contact the club leader.  Many thanks to those who enrolled in the Indiana 4-H Youth Development Program using the  system. 

For grades 3-12, the annual Indiana 4-H Program Fee of $15 and the Steuben County Program Fee of $5, totaling $20, will be due at enrollment, and these fees will be collected via 4HOnline. Mini 4-H members in grades K-2 do not pay the state program fee, so their total is only $5. If you don’t have a credit/debit card or are not comfortable using your card online, we can make special arrangements at the Extension Office.  Families who have more than three children participating in the program will only have to pay for three state program fees.

Use the electronic resources provided above and lean into the human resources we have available as well. Tami Mosier, 4-H Educator, and Linda Bidlack, Office Manager, are willing to help provide a positive 4-H youth development experience for you and your family. Call us at 260-668-1000 Ext. 1400!


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