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2021 Whitley Articles

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Pawpaw – the Indiana Banana?

Virtual Forest Management for the Private Woodland Owner Course

Caring for Poinsettias

Purdue Extension to host ‘Grow Your Farm’ Fridays

If You See Purple Paint, Keep Out

Gardening in Containers and Raised Beds

Is That a “Fungus” on My Tree Trunk?

Private Applicator Program to Review 2021 Crop Diseases and Insects

Yielding Mental Health on the Farm

2022 Shaping up to be Challenging Year for Ag

Alternatives to Raking and Burning Leaves

Purdue Experts Update Nitrogen Management Guidelines for Corn in Indiana

Expert Advice for Fall Tree Care

Extension Homemakers Holiday Bazaar

Autumn’s Sublime Display of Color

Purdue’s INClimate Website Offers Storm of Useful Weather and Climate Information

It’s Autumn in Indiana, Time to Enjoy Apples!

Corn Yield Robber: Tar Spot

Farm Safety Yields Results

Extension Program Assistant Job Opening

Mulling Over Mysterious Matter in Mulch

Invasion of Fall Armyworms

This Bee Look-Alike Has No Sting

What are Those Cobwebs in the Trees?

Extension Master Gardener Program - Whitley County

August is National Tree Check Month

August is National Tree Check Month

More Cicadas?

New Invasive Insect Pest Found in Indiana

FAQs - Agriculture and Natural Resources, Whitley County

What Tree Should I Choose?

What’s Eating My Garden Plants?

Assessing Lighter Green Soybeans

Take Great Care with Yew Trimmings

Japanese Beetles are Emerging

Recognizing the Importance of Pollinators

Preventing Mechanical Damage to Trees

Poison Ivy - Let it Be

Seek Small Bagworms on Evergreens

Low Perceived Risk for Head Scab of Wheat

Dealing with Ants

Protect Ash Now from Emerald Ash Borer

2021 Agriculture and Natural Resources News

How Does Your Landscape Look After the Freeze?

Periodical Cicadas – Are you Ready?

Extension Master Gardeners

Be Patient with Slow-Moving Equipment During Planting Season

Lawn Activities to Avoid Early in the Season

Early Lawn Activities to Consider

Highlights of Recent Agricultural Production

I Found Something Strange in my Garden

Plan Your Landscape Planting

Oh, Thunderation. Moles!

Look for Invasive Species

Plan Your Garden

What is the Perfect Nitrogen Rate for Corn?

Periodical Cicadas – Unhurried but Reliable Metamorphosis

Once Popular Landscape Selection Found to be Invasive

Sighting Coyotes – What Should you Do?

Understanding Gardening Terms

Pasture Management and Upcoming Free Field Day

Three New Year’s Resolutions for Homeowners

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