music- County only

The White County 4-H music project should provide 4-H members an opportunity to learn music performance, theory, history, instruments and appreciation and to develop each individual's musical ability.

Levels: Level A - Grades 3-4; Level B – Grades 5-6; Level C – Grades 7-9; Level D – Grades 10-12.


See Handbook for More Details
Project Rules and Requirements

  • 4-H member may choose to exhibit a poster or a live recital or may choose both for a total of two music exhibits per year.
  • Performance selection must be a minimum of two minutes in length but not exceed five minutes and must be appropriate to your ability. If an older student would like to perform a more difficult piece it is suggested that you play/sing without repeats. You will be stopped at the five-minute mark.
  • 4-H member may select the music for his/her own music for recital keeping in mind that it MUST be appropriate for all ages of audience. Please provide additional copies of the sheet music for the judge(s) to help with the evaluation process. Non 4-H members are NOT permitted to converse with the judges before, during or after the performance. Judges have the option of briefly conversing with the 4H performer before or after the performance.
  •  Accompaniment is allowed and encouraged as long as the 4-H member is the prominent performer.
  • Live accompaniment for instrumental performance is piano only. Live instrumental accompaniment may be used for vocal pieces. Pre-recorded CD accompaniment is allowed. Do not use a regular CD to sing/ play along with, penalty is one ribbon rating lower. 4-H member must provide the
    instrumental accompaniment and/or playback device. A piano will be provided.
  • Memorization of your piece is not required but is strongly recommended and will be taken into consideration if there is close competition between
    several for champion.
  • Exhibit Requirements
    1. 4-H member vocal or instrumental recital
    2. Poster display
    3. Completed General Project Record Sheet 
    *Champion and reserve champions will be selected for each division in Vocal and Instrumental Recitals and for each division in posters.
    *All project participants are encouraged to participate in workshops to learn about music, instrumentation, and other musical education (including school band, chorus, etc.).
    *Project participants may also participate in volunteer exhibitions at local nursing homes, festivals, or other events that will further provide the member opportunities to demonstrate their appreciation of music.

Poster Option:

  • Poster should demonstrate an understanding of music, instruments, concepts and musicians.
    Suggested Topics include:
    a. History of a musical instrument(s)
    b. Music theory
    c. Music appreciation
    d. Biography of a composer.
  • All posters, notebooks, and display boards must include a reference list indicating where information was obtained, giving credit to the original author, to complete the 4-H member’s exhibit. This reference list should/might include website links, people and professionals interviewed, books, magazines,
    etc. It is recommended this reference list be attached to the back of poster or display board, be the last page of a notebook or included as part of the display visible to the public. A judge is not to discredit an exhibit for the manner in which references are listed.
  • Posters should follow the White County poster rules in the general rule section of the handbook.