Putnam 4-H Program

What We Do

We build life skills that enhance youth in all facets of life including interpersonal relationships, guiding career paths, workforce readiness and improving the livelihoods of youth residents. One may have a 4-H experience in a number of ways. These include but are not limited to:

  • hands-on work related to a topic "project" where one may exhibit at the county or state level
  • attending club meetings with other youth and caring adult volunteers
  • participate in a county or state workshop like a photography workshop, 4-H Roundup or 4-H Academy at the Purdue campus or State Junior Leader Workshop right here at DePauw University.
  • A "SPARK" project or club is a minimum of 6 hours of guided and hands-on instruction with an opportunity at the end to share the experience with others
  • Community service learning projects like food drives, natural resource work days, assisted living residents, etc. 


Contact Us

Purdue Extension Putnam County

12 Central Square

Greencastle, IN 46135


Location Address: 152 East Columbia St


Mark Evans, 4-H Youth Development Educator, mevans@purdue.edu 

Kim Beadles, Education Program Coordinator, kbeadles@purdue.edu

Kristy Straziscar, Office Manager, kstrazis@purdue.edu 


One may still sign up for the 2023-24 Putnam County 4-H program! The process is similar and the fees are the same as last year. If you are new to 4-H or have questions, always feel free to call the office at 653-8411 to have your questions answered or needs addressed. Regular 4-H is for grades 3-12 while Exploring 4-H (Mini 4-H) is for any 2nd grader as of January 1, 2024.

For grades 3-12 you may Sign up here for 4-H and you may also pay with a credit card as well. The cost is $25 per youth and maximizes at 3 youth or $75 per household. Some projects like Horse & Pony, Archery, and Dog close February 1 to new club members. Exploring 4-H youth (grade 2 mini 4-H) may also enroll at the same website and the cost is $10 per youth. Exploring 4-H should select "Mini 4-H" for a club. These will be distributed during January/February school visits or be available online here in December. 

Continue to scroll down for project and club information or click here to view our 2024 Putnam 4-H Program and Project Handbook. To sign up for camp in grades 3-6 or apply to be a camp counselor in grades 7-12, click the appropriate link:   4-H Camper Grades 3-6        Camp Counselor Application Grades 7-12  (Camp links to sign up in 4honline coming soon).  

4-H Project Information

Find a 4-H Club that fits your family, school and activity schedule. Click here to open a document to view the club options for Putnam County. Updated 2/21/2024.

From the Putnam County 4-H Handbook, there are pages with general info that is specific to the fair or the Putnam County Program. These are highlighted as:

Indiana/Putnam County 4-H Terms, Policy and Conditions (2024)

Putnam County 4-H General Animal/Livestock Project/Exhibition Rules (2024)

Exhibit Hall Judging Times and General Rules (2023)

The Putnam 4-H Handbook has all of this information and more. In 2024 it has a lime green cover in printed form and available for $3 at the Extension Office. 

The Putnam 4-H Program Handbook is released annually around February 1 and is available by clicking here online or one can come to the Purdue Extension Putnam County office to purchase a paper printed copy for $3. Any corrections as we move forward throughout the year will be posted below.

There continues an effort statewide to simplify and make 4-H more consistent across all counties. The information for some of the state projects are very general and families have had questions about guidelines so we continue to offer our county manuals where needed.  

ARTS & CRAFTS: (Click on project below to view manual that includes craft info sheet & scorecard)

Basketry; CeramicsConstruction Architectural Replica (Legos, Farm Scene, Town Model); Fine Arts; Latch Hook; Leather Craft; Metal CraftModel CraftNeedle Craft; Other Basic Crafts; Plastic Canvas; Scrapbooking; Wood Craft

County Only Projects: (Click on project below to view manual or info).

Collections                  Cupcake Decorating             Microwave Cooking  

There is the STATE 4-H WEBSITE that provides an overview of all state projects. In Putnam County, we will still have our Putnam 4-H Handbook available sometime during February. The current version posted is the 2024 handbook.  


The following are links to the 2024 Putnam 4-H animal/livestock projects/exhibition info/rule sections. Beginning in 2024 there is a firm deadline for entering livestock into FairEntry and for completing a "Quality Assurance Program" and that date is JULY 8, 2024. Any 4-Her showing beef, dairy, goat, poultry, rabbit, sheep, or swine must have completed one of two quality assurance programs by JULY 8. Failure to enter livestock into FairEntry and complete a quality assurance program by JULY 8 will result in participation evaluation only and the 4-Her/animals will not be eligible for any banners, ribbons or awards. One may still participate in showmanship. 

The first quality assurance option is the Purdue 4-H Quality Assurance Program which one can go to their 4honline account and go to "Registrations" on the left menu to find a class to sign up and enroll. These are only in person and cost $3 paid at the door. Those showing at national shows may want to complete the Youth Quality Care of Animals (YQCA) program which can be completed online. If you choose to do YQCA please have your card ready to show.  

Animal Projects

Beef      Cat     Dairy    Dog    Goat   Horse/Pony     Llama/Alpaca     Poultry    Rabbit    Sheep   Swine               


The STATE 4-H WEBSITE project listing provides an overview of all state projects that advance to the Indiana State Fair. Please also check the the county guidelines that provide additional ideas and guidelines that may also help you in these projects.

Workshops, Trips and Awards

More info to come in March.

4-H Recruitment Video at School Visits

All Putnam County third grade classrooms will view our YouTube Putnam 4-H Program Video during school visits by Kim Beadles, Education Coordinator and Mark Evans, 4-H Youth Development Educator in October or November.