About the 4-H Geology Project

Learn all about the fascinating hobby of “rock hunting”! Geology is the study of the history of the earth’s crust, the rocks and layers it’s made of, and how it has changed over time. Learn to identify Indiana rocks, minerals, and fossils.


Contact the Marion County 4-H office:


Geology Project Resources

You can learn more about geology by completing one of the project activity guides, based on your grade level:

Project manuals may also be available to purchase at the Marion County Extension office, and older editions of manuals (if available) are free. Contact us to ask about availability!

Keep track of what you learn using record sheet:

Other resources:

Showcasing What You’ve Learned

You can create a project exhibit to showcase what you’ve learned while working on your project. Project exhibits are submitted for judging at the annual Marion County 4-H Showcase.

Exhibit Guidelines

Score Cards

Advancing to the State Fair

  • Yes! Geology projects exhibits from 4-H members grades 3-12 are eligible to advance to the State Fair.

Cloverbuds (Grades K-2)


Possible activities to exhibit include:

  • Rock collection: 6 rocks the first year, 9 the second year, and 12 the third year. Rock collections can be displayed in an egg carton or on a pasteboard. Make sure rocks are secure so they won’t fall out. Label the rocks with shape, color, size, and the location where you found them.
  • Make models of people or animals out of rocks. Display 6 in a box with labels for the type of rock. Make sure to secure all items so they won't fall out.
  • Make crystals in a jar using salt, boric acid, washing soda, borax or baking soda. Display 3 different crystals. Make sure crystals are secure in the chamber.
  • A poster or notebook showing what you’ve learned about rocks. A reference list must be included with your poster.

Cloverbud projects are for exhibition only (not judged), so there are no score cards, and exhibits are not eligible to advance to the State Fair.

More Geology Project Resources