4-H Bits & Spurs Club (Horse & Pony)

About Us

The Horse & Pony Club is centered around horse-based things--caring for your horse, instructions based on teaching you and your horse how to do the basics for show. 


Meeting Location, Dates, & Times

 10 April  Contesting Clinic at 6:00pm | Fairgrounds
  20 April   Vaccination Clinic at 5:30pm, Club Meeting at 7:00pm at the Barn
  7 May    Ranch Clinic (Details TBA)
  8 May   Contesting Clinic at 6:00pm | Fairgrounds
 15 May  Vaccination Forms & Lease Agreements due to Extension Office by 4:30pm, Animal ID in 4HOnline due by 11:59pm.
  18 May  Club Meeting at 7:00pm
  20 May   Barn Work Day at 9:00am
  4 June   Mini Horse Camp
  5-8 June   Regular 4-H Horse Camp
  15 June   Club Meeting at 7:00pm
  20 June   Fairentry Deadline (Tentative)
  8-15 July  4-H Fair Week

 *More information on additional events will be shared at your club meetings.

Dates to Remember

 May 13- Animal Tagging/ID Day at the Fairgrounds

May 15- Identify Animals on 4-HOnline.

           - Vaccination & Lease Agreements due to the Extension Office


Amber Thorne, Club Leader




Committee Members

  • Delores Jones
  • Julie Dillman
  • Jane Chastain
  • Audrey Ratcliff
  • Chasey Blais
  • Jerri Todd
  • Amber King
  • Diane Inman
  • Lisa Bailiff

4-H Club Officers

  • Josie Bailey, President
  • Kale Woodward, Vice-President
  • Maibree King, Secretary
  • Elizabeth King, Treasurer