July-August-September Newsletter


Newsletters are mailed out to families every 3 months and contain vital information for progression through the 4-H program. Please read the information in it's entirety, though some sections may not apply to certain 4-H families. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Extension Office. 

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Table of Contents

Introduction Letter 
Junior Leaders
County Happenings

See updates on Ten Year Members, Scholarships, Farm Bureau Awards, Juntos 4-H Update, and SPARK Clubs.

Livestock Updates

Livestock Auction, Livestock ID Info, State Fair Livestock, YQCA, Dog Show, Horse & Pony Show, and Rabbit Ambassador

Volunteer Corner

4-H Council, Interested in Becoming a 4-H Volunteer?, Tenured 4-H Volunteers, Fair Volunteers Needed

Area & State Happenings

Dairy Judging Team, Important State Fair Project Procedures

Did You Know?

Action Demonstrations at the Fair, The 4-H Judging System, Project Resources for Sale, Program Assistants

Mini 4-H

Project Information, Poster Rules

Mission & Vision of Indiana 4-h
4-H Project Check In

Project Drop-Off Locations, Are You Ready for the Fair?, Special Judging Announcements, Check in Procedures, Check in Map

Fair Events

Interactive Nights, Stock the Trailer, Battle of the Barns

2022 Jackson County Fair Daily Program

Introduction Letter

Dear 4-H Families, 

We have had a great summer full of many learning activities! There have been project workshops, Nature Camp, Local Foods/Farmto Table SPARK Club, Space SPARK Club, Local Government SPARK Club, 3D Printing SPARK Club, and 4-H Club Meetings. Everyone's 4-H experience looks different and we are so thankful for our 4-H volunteers and members who make these opportunities possible for the youth of Jackson County. Whether your child was involved in a SPARK Club, club meetings, or are bringing projects to the fair as partof our traditional program, we are all 4-H members!

The fair will be here soon! I hope everyone is enjoying the summer weather and that you are busy working on your 4-H projects for the fair. We are so excited for the 2022 Jackson County Fair!

As a reminder, all project requirements can be found by visiting our 4-H Handbook online at: https://bit.ly/JacksonCounty4-H-Handbook

Be sure to read all instructions carefully so you do not miss important information! Please note that you can always call the office at 812-358-6101 to find out important dates, times, and locations for various events. 

Thank you for taking the time to enter your projects in Fair Entry. This helps us organize everything for the fair and prepare for project check-in. It also gives us a record of what is displayed in the 4-H Building. 

We have once again included the finalized 4-H fair schedule in the newsletter for your information. Please be patient if judging and shows do not start at the exact time listed on the schedule. Sometimes, the judges take more time to judge than another judge might have or the show happening before runs a little longer than expected. Check in with the livestock volunteers in the barns throughout the week to be sure you know what is happening with each species. Please also be sure to say "THANK YOU" to any 4-H volunteer you see!


Junior Leaders

July, August, and September Meeting details including location, dates, times, and individual leadership role responsibilities
July Meeting August Meeting September Meeting

4-H Building Clean Up

Vote for 4-H Royalty

4-H Building Shift Sign Up

Election of 2022-2023 Officers

Jackson County Fairgrounds



Jackson County Extension Office

111 S Main Street, Ste 10

Brownstown, IN 47220

Date / Time

Thursday, July 14th

7:00 - 8:30 p.m.


Tuesday, September 20th

7:00 - 8:30 p.m. 

Chairperson Katie Otte
Citizenship Brynn Burton
Health & Safety Jay Herbert
Recreation Anna Obermeyer
Refreshments Committee
Unpaid Dues $4.00

If you would like to run for a Junior Leader office, please be sure to attend the September meeting! If you cannot attend the meeting, but would like to run for an office, please contact Heather.


Sign Up to Work in the 4-H Building!

Junior Leaders are expected to work two shifts in the 4-H Building during the fair! Don't forget to sign up! Visit https://bit.ly/20224HBuildingSignUp

Interested in Leadership Opportunities?

Look for more information this fall about Junior Leaders and join us for a meeting! Joining Junior Leaders is a great way to meet new people from all over Jackson County and to get involved in our community!

Donate to the Junior Leader Hygiene Drive! More information in the flyer below. 

Feminine Product Hygiene Drive Flyer

County happenings

Congratulations Ten year members!

Eliana Baker                                 Zoie Hoene                                    Michael Proffer
Maddison Brittain                        Hannah Kerkhof                            Kirsten Raisor
Peyton Brock                               Liam Kreis                                     Austin Reynolds
Addison Bumbleburg                  Kennadi Lakins                            Tyler Schafstall
Cole Darlage                                 Kiarra Lakins                                Aidan Schroer
Katie Deppen                                Luke Lanam                                  Addison Shelton
Grant Elliot                                   Erin Lee                                          Hannah Stahl
Marina Flandes-Soto                   Emily Mann                                    Zoe Stuckwisch
Harrison Fleetwood                     Alexus Morris                                Kaylee Waskom
Nick Goecker                                Adam Newkirk                               Lillie Wessel
Thaddeus Goecker                       Hiley Obermeyer                           Audrey Wiggam
Brock Hackman                            Zoe Plummer                                 Eli Wischmeier
                                                                                                               Kelsey Wischmeier

Indiana 4-H Foundation Scholarships - Congratulations!

Sponsored by Jackson County 4-H Auction: Erin Lee, Eli Wischmeier
Sponsored by Jackson County 4-H Council: Peyton Brock, Addison Bumbleburg
Sponsored by Jackson County Junior Leaders: Kirsten Raisor, Taylor Loudermilk
C.B. Hess Memorial Scholarship: Kennadi Lakins, Hiley Obermeyer, Kelsey Wischmeier, Hannah Kerkhof
Organization of Latinx & Hispanics at Elanco: Valeria Ramirez

farm bureau awards

Farm Bureau, Inc. 4-H Tenure Award Winners

Hiley Obermeyer & Kirsten Raisor


Hanging Basket Fundraiser: Thanks to everyone who sold flowers in the 4-H Flower Fundraiser! Thanks to Darlage Greenhouse for being a great partner for this annual fundraiser. 

Dinner and Dessert Auction: Thanks to everyone who supported the Junior Leaders at the Dinner and Dessert Auction! The group profited $8,040.86. Money is used to support the Junior Leaders Program, Community Service Projects, and 4-H Scholarships. Everyone enjoyed hearing from former 4-H member Abby Stuckwisch and how 4-H made an impact in her life and how that experience helped her have a successful year as a State FFA Officer. 

juntos program

Stop by the Extension Office sometime to check out our new aeroponic grow tower! We are using this as a teaching tool with our Juntos 4-H group and for the community to learn about different ways you can grow food in a small space. We plan to have the grow tower at the Jackson County Fair this summer so the community can learn about a different way to grow food. There are currently six grow towers set up at Seymour High School and our Juntos 4-H group has been able to plant the seeds, transplant them into grow towers, and watch them grow this spring. They got to enjoy a salad from the grow towers at their last 4-H Club meeting of the school year. Thank you to Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension Educator Richard Beckort for providing leadership for this program and to Seymour Community Schools agriculture teachers Mikayla Applegate and Jeanna Eppley for their support and partnership to make this possible.



spark clubs


We have had a full summer of 4-H Spark Clubs! We were able to provide free t-shirts, lunch, and all supplies for these experiences thanks to a generous gift from the Elliott Family, in memory of longtime 4-H Volunteer Francis Elliott. Check out our Facebook page for more photos from these educational experiences!

Livestock updates

Our livestock shows and projects would not be possible without our dedicated 4-H volunteers. Please be sure to thank a 4-H volunteer when you see them in the barns or in the show arena at the fair! They put in hours of work throughout the year, at clean up days, ID Days, and during the fair! We appreciate all you do to teach youth how to responsibly raise livestock. 

Auction Order for 2022:
Beef, Goats, Sheep, Dairy Beef, Swine 

Saturday, July 30th at 9:30 a.m.

Animals tagged for ID purposes must have tags before they are entered at the fair. If a 4-H livestock tag falls out, please call the Extension Office at 812-358-6101. As a reminder, it is unlawful to remove an RFID tag from an animal. We report animal ID information to the Indiana Board of Animal Health.

2022 Indiana State Fair Livestock Handbook - Check Website for Registration Deadlines!
Requirements, dates, and entry information is all entered online.
All information can be found online using the following link: http://www.indianastatefair.com/state-fair/competitionscontests/4-h-competitions/. Check out the website above for all State Fair Livestock information. Paper books are no longer being printed by the State Fair and the book can only be found online! If you plan to show at the State Fair, a signed Animal Affidavit is required for each species. You can pick up a paper copy from the office or download it from the Indiana State Fair Website.

YQCA Classes
A big thank you goes to Richard Beckort for teaching our YQCA (Youth for the Quality Care of Animals) classes. If you did not participate in a class in person, you will need to take the training online. 

Don't forget to bring your certificate to check in!

4-H Dog Show
The 4-H Dog Show will be held on Saturday, July 16th in the Commercial Building at the Jackson County Fairgrounds. Check-in will begin at 7:00 a.m. The contest will begin at 8:00 a.m. Dogs and posters will be judged. 

4-H Horse & Pony Show
The 4-H Horse & Pony Show Riding Classes will be Saturday, July 23rd at 9:30 a.m. in the Horse Arena at the Fairgrounds. The 4-H Horse and Pony Halter and Showmanship Classes will be Tuesday, July 26th at 6:00 p.m. in Show arena 2. For more information, contact your Horse & Pony Leader, Deanna Whittymore.

Rabbit Ambassador
Rabbit Ambassador will be held on Wednesday, July 20th at 6:30 p.m. at the Jackson County Fairgrounds in the Rabbit Barn.

Volunteer Corner

National Volunteer Week is April 17th—23rd! Be sure to tell your 4-H club leaders, livestock volunteers, and all 4-H Volunteers THANK YOU for being a positive influence for the Jackson County 4-H Program!

new 4-H council

4-H Council will meet at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, May 19th at The Jackson County Courthouse. 

We welcome our new 4-H Council members: Kyle Benter and Vera Reichenbacker

IRS Filing

All 4-H Clubs are required to file an IRS 990-series form for the 2021 tax year by May 15th. Please retain a copy for your records and send a copy to the Extension Office for your club’s file. Instructions will be mailed to all primary club leaders in early/mid April. If you have questions about filing, please do not hesitate to contact the Extension Office.

4-H Volunteer camp

See the flyer included in the newsletter for this fun opportunity! Have fun like the youth at camp while also learning some new tools for how to be the best 4-H Volunteer you can be. Contact Heather at schneidh@purdue.edu if you would like to participate. It’s going to be a lot of fun!

fair volunteers needed

We will be in need of 4-H Volunteers to staff the 4-H Building during the Jackson County Fair. Be on the lookout soon for a sign up for volunteer opportunities. We will also be making phone calls to confirm your volunteer participation in the next few months. Thanks for all you do to make the Jackson County Fair a success!

4-H Adult Volunteer Camp Flyer

4-H Adult Volunteer Camp Flyer

area & state happenings

Area 2 4-H Camp

Registration for 4-H Camp opens on April 1st. Instructions on how to register were mailed out to all eligible 4-H members. 4-H Camp is open to youth in grades 3-8. Enrollment needs to be completed through 4-H Online. Contact the Extension Office at 812-358-6101 if you need assistance enrolling or have questions about 4-H Camp.

Area 2 4-H Camp Flyer


 Purdue fast start program

Giving Indiana students another pathway to Purdue and offering their families the opportunity to save thousands of dollars. These are the goals of the new Fast Start program — and the latest example of our Persistent Pursuit of affordable and accessible education. Read more about how your student can receive a transformative education with Purdue's help: www.admissions.purdue.edu/purduefaststart.

Purdue Fast Start Flyer


Carcass workshop

 Washington County Workshop

Carcass Workshop Flyer

Did you know?

New program assistant!

g.-picture-of-brooklyn2.pngMeet our new Program Assistant, Brooklynn Rennekamp! We are very excited to have Brooklynn as part of our Purdue Extension Jackson County Team! Learn more about Brooklynn and welcome her to our growing team.

Why are you excited to work in the Extension Office as the program assistant?
I am excited to be a part of the Extension Office, “To Make the Best Better” just like the 4-H Motto states. I am eager to encourage the young people of our community to reach their full potential, while I learn and grow along with them. Being the program assistant brings my passion for youth development and health together.

What are three interesting facts you would like to share about yourself?
I was an optician before becoming the new program assistant. My favorite color is green. I love nature, reading, and coffee. (Especially when I can enjoy these things at the same time!)

Anything else you would like our 4-H Community to know about you.
I will be re-introducing activities for the 4-H Minis! I can't wait to meet and get to know each of you!

Indiana 4-H Foundation

Jackson county 4-H program endowment

The Indiana 4-H Foundation receives and administers grants and manages a healthy endowment whose proceeds benefit the Indiana 4-H program and its youth participants, including youth from Jackson County!

An interest bearing endowment has been set up with the Indiana 4-H Foundation to benefit the Jackson County 4-H Program for years to come. Currently, there is $26,968.63 invested in the account! We reached our goal of $25,000 three years early. Only the interest is spent out each year, meaning the funds will support the Jackson County 4-H Program for years to come. You can learn more about the Indiana 4-H Foundation and donate to our endowment here: https://www.in4h.org/ 

buy your Indiana 4-H Foundation Specialty plate


Show your support for Indiana 4-H by purchasing an Indiana 4-H Foundation Specialty License Plate! Plate fees support programs for young people state-wide, and a portion from each plate that is sold comes directly back to Jackson County where the plate was purchased! Indiana 4-H Foundation Specialty License Plates can be purchased at your local BMV office or online at www.in.gov/bmv 

Indiana 4-H Foundation Specialty License Plates are more than just an accessory—they are an investment in…

Vet science workshop


Vet Science Workshop Flyer

Vet Science Workshop Flyer

mini 4-H

mini 4-H Meeting

Thursday, April 21 at 6pm at Peace Lutheran Church

330 W Tipton St, Seymour, IN 47274

Please join us for our first Mini meeting! Debbie Hackman, Jackson County Recycling District Executive Director, will be a special guest attending to share what can be recycled in our community. Future meeting details will soon be available. Please see the flyer linked below for RSVP and more information!

Mini 4-H Meeting Flyer

Mighty Mini 4-H club

Meetings will be held from 6:00 - 7:00 p.m.

  • April 21st
    • Peace Lutheran Church
    • 330 W Tipton St, Seymour
  • May 19th
  • June 16th
  • August 18th
  • September 15th
  • October 6th
    • Stuckwisch Pumpkin Patch
    • 1416 N St Rd 11, Seymour

Meetings May-Sept. will be held at the Brownstown Public Park (709-799 W Bridge St, Brownstown)

Mighty Mini 4-H Club Flyer

Adult volunteer Callouts

We are looking for adult volunteers to attend the Mighty Mini 4-H Meetings!

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please contact Heather VonDielingen by email at schneidh@purdue.edu. If you are already an approved volunteer and would like to attend future meetings, please contact Brooklyn Rennekamp at brennek@purdue.edu 

spark club opportunities

Local Foods / Farm to Table SPARK Club

Local Foods SPARK Club Flyer
Space SPARK Club

Space SPARK Club Flyer
Local Government SPARK Club

Local Government SPARK Club Flyer