Jackson County - Reading

Youth participating in the reading project will expand their literacy skills by choosing books appropriate for their individual reading levels.

Project Resources

There are no manuals used for this project. Please complete your project according to the exhibit guidelines and scorecard provided. If you have further questions please contact the Jackson County Purdue Extension Office.

EXhibit guidelines
  1. 4-H member must fill out a record sheet to be turned in with the green / white record book.
  2. Books must have been read between the previous County Fair and check in date for exhibits in current 4-H program year.
  3. The participant will read and report on four book:
    • By selecting books of his or her choice
  4. A brief report on each book is to be completed. Report forms are provided with project booklets. Reports must be attached to the back of the poster (outside plastic) in an attached pocket made from a manila envelope or something similar.
  5. The Exhibit will be a poster 22"x28" displayed horizontally, mounted on stiff backing - foam board, peg board or stiff cardboard and covered in plastic with report form as mentioned above.
  6. For safety purposes any exhibit that references a sword, knife, look-a-like weapon, or graphic content will be judged but will not be displayed.
exhibit class guidelines

Read 4 books and make a poster.

Topic ideas:

  • Explain one of the books you have read
  • Read to younger children and show what the child liked about the books you read to them
  • Research an author of a book you read
  • Any other topic of your choosing related to one of the books you read

There will be three divisions divided according to members' grades: Beginning (Grades 3 - 5), Intermediate (Grades 6 - 8), Advanced (Grades 9 - 12). Exhibit options are the same for all youth in grades 3 - 12.