Jackson County - Collections

Youth participating in the collections project will learn how to start and maintain a collection of similar items that are of interest to the exhibitor.

Project Resources

There are no manuals used for this project. Please complete your project according to the exhibit guidelines and scorecard provided. If you have further questions please contact the Jackson County Extension Office.

Exhibit Guidelines

4-H member must fill out a record sheet to be turned in with the green / white record book. 

Exhibit Options

(Can do one or both of the options)

  1. Your collection or some samples from your collection. Remember to exhibit new items from your collection every year. Be creative in the display of your collection as long as it is not bigger than 2'x3'x3' (length, width, height). If your collection is bigger than that or very valuable, you can exhibit a poster (22"x28" displayed horizontally) or a notebook containing photographs of the items in your collections. No living plants or animals may be displayed as a collection. Your 4-H Collection Inventory Sheet should be attached to the exhibit.
  2. Do an action demonstration.
Exhibit Class guidelines

There will be three divisions divided according to members' grades: Beginner (Grades 3 - 5), Intermediate (Grades 6 - 8), Advanced (Grades 9 - 12).

Exhibit options are the same for all youth in grades 3 - 12.