Bucket Calf

A bucket calf is an orphan or newborn calf; male or female; dairy, beef, or cross; fed on bucket or bottle. This project encourages youth to learn about raising beef or dairy cattle. Members will learn about caring for and raising a calf and about related health issues. Emphasis in this project is placed on the 4-H'ers knowledge, not the quality of the animal.

PROJECT SUPERINTENDENT: Amy Jackson Cowan, 765-623-5873, amjackson1319@gmail.com 

EXHIBIT CHECK-IN:          Wednesday, July 13, 2-8 PM

JUDGING:                          Thursday, July 14, 9 AM, Open Judging

RELEASE:                          Tuesday, July 19, 7 AM - Noon, All Non-Auction livestock released

STATE FAIR ENTRIES:      All livestock for STATE FAIR must be properly identified and enrolled.

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