Fashion Revue

Fashion Revue

Fashion Revue Leader
Natalie Mathiebe 317-846-4555 

Private Judging  Tuesday, July 6, 2021                

PUBLIC FASHION REVUE  Friday July 16, 2021 

General 4-H Rules


Fair Page

Annual public presentation of the members enrolled in Sewing projects Wearable categories who have competed in the County Fashion Revue Judging will participate in the Public Fashion Revue. Details of where to report will be given at a later date. The focus of Fashion Revue is on modeling, garment appearance and fit, and accessorizing.

Fashion Revue judging is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, July 7, 2020. Placings will be announced at the Public Presentation tentatively scheduled for Friday, July 17, 2020. 

Garments modeled in Fashion Revue must be judged in Sewing construction.  EXCEPTION:  Senior Fashion Revue participants may model in as many categories as they wish as long as they have made the garments and at least one of the garments must be exhibited at the County Fair to be judged on construction.  Eighth grade will be included in Senior fashion revue, however, state winner will have to be age 15 to participate at Nationals.

IN SENIOR FASHION REVUE, if a 4-H'er is declared Champion in one category, the same 4-H'er cannot be chosen Champion in another.

Category Descriptions:

Grades 3 – 7 (Junior):

  • Garments Sewn Following Grade Level Requirements For Wearable Exhibits.

Grades 8 -12 (Senior):

  • Informal or Casual Wear:  A complete outfit of one or two pieces suitable for school, weekend, or casual, informal activities.
  • Dress-up:  This is suitable for special, church, or social occasions which are not considered to be formal.  It may be an outfit of one or more pieces with or without its own costume coat or jacket (lined or unlined).  This is not an outfit which would be worn to school, weekend, or casual, informal activities.
  • Free Choice:  A complete outfit comprised of garments that do not fit in the other classifications.  Examples include:  tennis wear, swim wear, athletic or other active sportswear; lounge wear; riding habits; historic, dance, theatrical, or international costumes, capes, and unlined coats.
  • Suit or coat:  The suit consists of two pieces including a skirt or pants and its own lined jacket.  It is not a dress with jacket as in "dress up wear".  The coat is a separate lined coat.  It will be judged separately as a coat with its own accessories.
  • Separates: Consists of three garments which must be worn as a coordinated complete outfit.  Each piece should be versatile enough to be worn with other garments.
  • Formal wear:  This outfit may be one or more pieces suitable for any formal occasion, such as proms, weddings, and formal evening functions.  Hosiery recommended.

Definition of an outfit

An outfit is a garment or garments that when put together make a complete look – such as one or two piece dress, or one or two piece pant suit, or a three piece combination, such as pants, vest, and blouse or shirt.

State Fashion Revue:  (SENIOR CATEGORIES ONLY)

Eligibility to represent the county at the State Fair Fashion Revue:  8th – 12th grade will be included in Senior fashion revue, however, the state winner will have to be age 15 to participate at Nationals.