What is 4-H

Dubois County 4-H offers projects for children in grades 3-12 and supports Mini 4-H in children in grades K-2. 

4-H prepares young people to be leaders in their community and around the world through hands-on experiences alongside their peers and caring adults. Community clubs, afterschool programs, school enrichment, camps/workshops, and special interest programs are all ways youth across Indiana can be involved with the 4-H program.

Club membership is not required in order to participate in some 4-H programs offered throughout the year.


Lauren Fenneman

 Youth Educator
Purdue Extension Dubois County
1482 Executive Blvd 
Jasper, In 47546


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Upcoming Events and Important Dates

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1PM Ireland, In

 Clover Pavilion, Dubois County 4-H Fairgrounds

DC Fairgrounds Clover Pavilion 

6:30- 8:00 PM

Register @ https://v2.4honline.com 

4-H Youth in Grades 3-12 to showcase their talents and passion about specific topics this event.

Verbal Communications includes Public Speaking, Demonstrations, Informative 4-H Presentation, and Professional Persuasive Presentation. All verbal communication participants will be able to showcase at Dubois County 4-H Fair and winners will move on to present at the Indiana State Fair.

Performing Arts includes skits or sketches, vocal, instrumental, bands, dance gymnastics, puppetry, magic, and other entertainment appropriate for family audiences. Performing Arts Winners will move on to an area contest with the possibility to be selected to perform at State 4-H Trips and Indiana State Fair.


7-9 am, Sheep and Goat Barn

Topics: General questions about 4-H; also questions regarding Project Selection, Animal ID, 4-H Trips

DC Fairgrounds Clover Pavilion 

6:00- 7:30 PM

Register @ https://v2.4honline.com 

DC Fairgrounds Clover Pavilion 

6:30- 8:00 PM

Register @ https://v2.4honline.com 

DC Fairgrounds Clover Pavilion 

6:30- 8:00 PM

Register @ https://v2.4honline.com 

 Adult Leader Food stand, Dubois County 4-H Fairgrounds

Topics: General questions about 4-H; also questions regarding 4-H Fair, FairEntry, Check In, Project Label Pickup Etc.

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DC Fairgrounds Clover Pavilion 

6:30- 8:00 PM

Register @ https://v2.4honline.com 

The Dubois County 2023 4-H fair  - Schedule, Events. etc.

Juntos 4-H

Juntos 4‑H is a program that helps Latino youth (grades 8 – 12) and their families gain the knowledge and skills they need to bridge the gap between high school and higher education. 


2023 4-H Handbook

2023 4-H Handbook

4-H banner
2023 Dubois County 4-H Handbook

In this handbook you will find information for Dubois county clubs, county specific project information, educator contacts, guidelines, and more. Please check the handbook for any 4-H related inquiries.

View Handbook


Having trouble finding your projects? Not sure what projects require? Learn more about 4-H Project guidelines, download manuals from state, navigate project categories. 

4-H Project Categories and Guidelines


Need a club? Find information on our County Clubs here. Club Information

Can't find your project in 4-H Online?

Select your project area. Use this guide to help find your project area for each exhibit you bring to the fair. Project Area GuidE

Mini 4-H is a program designed to encourage positive development of children, K-2nd grade. Our mission is to help young children explore friendships outside the family; explore how things work; practice muscle control; and learn to work together on projects.

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 Mini 4-H Liability Waiver


President:  Janelle Hasenour: 812-630-2430
Vice President:  Ed Boeglin: 812-631-1138
Secretary:  Jennifer Hasenour: 812-631-9589
Treasurer:  Madi Giesler 812-661-8503      
(The above officers serve as Executive Committee.)
Nettie Boeglin: 812-719-5515
Samantha Boeglin: 812-631-8140
Wyatt Goeppner: 812-631-5904
Chad Hunefeld: 812-489-0082
Blake Lindauer: 812-639-1297
Scott Schnell: 812-631-8111
Kaleb Stenftenagel: 812-639-9277
Rennie Wagner: 812-661-7107
Heather Weyer: 812-309-1580


4-H Council Junior Leader Advisory Committee

Lance Boeglin, Jalynn Egloff, Grace Kluemper, Claire Linette, Emily Recker

Upcoming Opportunities

Photography spark club
Photography Spark Club

Life Lessons
Life Lessons

Volunteer Book Club
Volunteer Book Club

Photography Club
Photography Club

4-H Grows Investors
4-H Grows Investors

 4-H Clover Chronicles Newsletters

 4-H Club Resources:  4-H Club Meeting documents, 4-H Club Financial documents,4-H Officer materials.

4-H Volunteer Resources:  Resources to support volunteers as they work with the youth in the 4-H Program

 4-H Club Leader Login - 4-H Club leaders login to check status of members

4-H Scholarships - Applications are due January 25. Call us if you have any questions

 4-H State Programs - 4-H Trips, Career Development Events, State Fair Programs, 4-H Trip Nominations Form