FINding Your Fair Exhibit in 4-H Online

In 4-H Online it will ask for your Project Area first then in June you will enter your exhibit in Fair Entry.


4-H Project Area
4-H Online Project Area
Aerospace Aerospace
Americana Arts & Crafts
ATV Safety Education ATV Safety and Operator Skills
Basic Crafts (4-H Freestyle, Decorative Painting & Wearables, Macrame, Reedcraft & Other crafts.) Arts & Crafts
Beef Cattle Beef
Beekeeping Beekeeping
Bicycle Bicycle
Cake Decorating Cake Decorating
Candlemaking Arts & Crafts
Cat Cat
Cat Poster Animal Education
Ceramics Arts & Crafts
Child Development Child Development
Clogging Health
Collections County Project: Collections
Computer (includes Digital Art and Robotics) Computer
Construction Toys (Legos, Lincoln Logs, Etc.) Construction and Architectural Replica
Consumer Clothing Consumer Clothing
Creative Writing Communications
Crops (Corn, Small Grains, Soybeans & other crops) County Project: Crops
Dairy Beef Dairy Beef
Dairy Cattle Dairy
Dairy Goats Dairy Goats
Demonstration Communications
Dog Dog
Dog Poster Animal Education
Drawing Fine Art
Electric Electric
Entomology Entomology
Farm Scene Construction and Architectural Replica
Fashion Revue Fashion Revue
Floriculture Floriculture
Foods (Baked and Preserved) Foods
Forestry Forestry
Garden Garden
Genealogy Genealogy
Geology Geology
Gift Wrapping Arts & Crafts
Hay County Project: Crops
Health Health
Home Environment Home Environment
Horse and Pony Horse and Pony
Informative 4-H Presentation Communications
Junior Leaders  Junior Leaders
Latch Hook Arts & Crafts
Lawn and Garden Tractor Operator Skills Lawn and Garden Tractor Safety and Operator Skills
Lawn and Garden Tractor Safety Education Lawn and Garden Tractor Safety and Operator Skills
Leathercraft Arts & Crafts
Livestock Judging Team Ag Judging Contests
Livestock Posters (Beef, Dairy Cattle, Dairy Goats, Horse and Pony, Meat Goats, Sheep, Swine) Animal Education
Llama - Alpaca Llamas and Alpacas
Llama-Alpaca Crafts Llama and Alpaca Craft
Llama-Alpaca Poster or Display Llamas and Alpacas
Meat Goats Meat Goats
Metalcraft Arts & Crafts
Mini 4-H Mini 4-H
Model Craft Model Craft
Needle Craft Needle Craft
Painting Fine Art
Photography Photography
Pigeon County Project: Pigeon
Poultry Poultry
Poultry Poster Animal Education
Professional Persuasive Presentation Communications
Public Speaking Communications
Pygmy Goats Pygmy Goats
Rabbits Rabbits
Rabbit Poster Animal Education
Recycling Arts & Crafts
Scrapbooking Arts & Crafts
Sewing (Non-Wearable and Wearable) Sewing
Sheep Sheep
Shooting Sports Shooting Sports, Archery
Shooting Sports, Muzzleloader/Black Powder
Shooting Sports, Outdoor Skills
Shooting Sports, Pistol & Rifle
Shooting Sports, Shotgun
Shooting Sports: Round Robin (1st year 4th grade and up)
Shooting Sports: Mentoring (High School Only)
Shooting Sports: Exploring (3rd Grade ONLY)
Small Engine Small Engine
Small Pets (includes Fish) County Project: Small Pets
Soil and Water Science Soil and Water Science
Sportfishing Sportfishing
Swine Swine
Tractor Operator Skills Tractor Safety and Operator Skills
Tractor Safety Education Tractor Safety and Operator Skills
Veterinary Science Veterinary Science
Weather and Climate Science Weather and Climate Science
Wildlife Wildlife
Woodcraft Arts & Crafts
Woodworking Woodworking
Zero-Turn Mower Operator Skills Zero-Turn Mower Safety and Operator Skills
Zero-Turn Mower Safety Education Zero-Turn Mower Safety and Operator Skills