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PARP Meetings - November 6 and 13, 2023
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Purdue Ext. - Daviess County
300 E Hefron Street, Ste 119
Washington, IN 47501
(812) 254-8668

Daviess County Team

county Program Areas

4-H Youth Development
Contact Wes Richardson for:
4-H Clubs and Events
School Enrichment Programs
Agriculture & Natural Resources

Contact Sarah Brackney for:

Master Gardeners
School Enrichment Programs

Community Development 

Contact Cindy Barber for:

School Enrichment Programs
Community Outreach & Engagement
Contact Luis Santiago for:
"Helps Latino and Haitian families connecting to resources in the community. We also provide educational programs that are culturally relevant and based on the needs of the community.”
Parenting Classes - Spanish
ServSafe - Spanish
School Enrichment Programs
Health & Human Sciences

Contact Jennifer Stefancik for:

Adult Educational Classes
Personal Finance
Parenting Classes
Daviess County Homemakers
Food/Nutrition Programs
Dining with Diabetes
School Enrichment Programs
Captain Cash
Chef University
Nutrition Education Program Advisor
Contact Chris Clark for 
Nutrition Education for SNAP and Medicare Families
School Enrichment Programs
Catch grades 3 - 6
Teen Cuisine - Grades 7-12

Upcoming Daviess County Events