4-H Sewing Project

Older youth enrolled in the 4-H sewing project for the first time may not feel comfortable demonstrating their assigned grade level skills. In this instance the county 4-H youth development educator may, at the request of the 4-H member and parent, assign the member to a lower level grade level to develop fundamental skills.

Provide a completed sewing skills card (Project Exhibit Card) with the exhibit. Skills sheets are for judging purposes only and will not be returned to the exhibitor.

Judges evaluating exhibits should recognize individual differences and creativity, therefore using information in this document as a guide rather than a requirement.

Youth and their mentor/volunteer leader/instructor should use this chart as a guide when deciding appropriate skills to incorporate in a sewing wearable or non-wearable article, garment or outfit for exhibit. While this list is a guide, it is not meant to be an all-inclusive list and youth should demonstrate skills they are most comfortable mastering. For example, some youth in a 4th grader might feel comfortable attempting 6th grade level skills, but it is unlikely a 4th grade level exhibitor will be able to successfully master the 10th grade level skills. Exhibited items must demonstrate the minimum skill techniques from their given grade level but may also include higher/lower level techniques that have been mastered. Any higher/lower level techniques will not be counted as part of the minimum skills, but nevertheless will be evaluated for quality. Youth are encouraged to utilize a number of resources such as web sites, print material, social media, and television shows when learning sewing skills and techniques. Skills learned from these types of resources may be demonstrated provided they are age/grade appropriate.

Members may exhibit in the wearable option OR the non-wearable option OR in both options. Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion awards will be given in both junior (grades 3-7) and senior (grades 8-12) wearable and non-wearable options.

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