Jasper County Fair Association


Who do I contact to tour a building I'm interested in?

Call the Purdue Extension Service Jasper County Office  for more information, 219-866-4961

Who do I contact if I have questions about booking an event?

All bookings are done through the Purdue Extension Service Jasper County Office 

How much does it cost to rent a building or space?

Rates are outlined in the Jasper County Fairgrounds Rental Rates.(See Below)

What is required to book an event?

  • Check availability by calling or stopping by the Jasper County Extension office.   If your date is open, a Jasper County Fair Association, Inc. Rental Contract (see below) will be given to you or e-mailed to you.
  • Submit signed Rental Contract
  • Submit Payment to secure your date

Where do I drop off or mail paperwork and payment?

Purdue Cooperative Extension Service Jasper County Office, 2530 N McKinley Ave, Suite #1, Rensselaer, IN  47978

Do you take debit or credit cards?

No, unfortunately we only accept cash, check or money order.

Do you allow alcohol?

Alcohol/Drug policy 

  • Minor consumption of alcohol is prohibited
  • No Illegal drugs or controlled substances are allowed in buildings or on the grounds at any time! Local law enforcement will have jurisdiction.
  • When alcoholic beverages are served, security, as approved by the JCFA, must be provided at the renter's expense.
  • Security names and phone numbers must be provided to Extension Office 14 days prior to rental date.

What type of insurance do I need to rent a building at the fairgrounds?

The renter will provide a Certificate of Insurance to the Jasper County Fair Association, (JCFA).  A minimum of $300,000.00 for proof of liability coverage must be provided at least 14 days prior to rental date. In the event that no proof of insurance is provided in the time specified the rental contract date becomes null and void with forfeiture of the deposit.

What is the clean-up policy?

  • All renters using the facilities must return floors and equipment to original state of cleanliness
  • Entire floor swept
  • Food and liquid spillage
    • Tables cleaned with soap and water / appliances wiped out
    • Floor wet mopped; brooms and mops available in each building
  • Trash removed; all trash to the dumpster on north side of parking lot.  Refill trash cans with new bags available within each building
  • All restrooms cleaned
  • All post rental cleanup that is necessary will be charged to renter.
  • A checklist of all cleanup responsibilities will be given to you when you pick up the key for your rental.  (See full list below)

Are there extra charges for tables/chairs or electricity?

  • Tables and chairs are included in rentals for the West & Community Building.  Approximately enough tables and chairs to seat 400 people per building.  
  • Any other rentals must provide their own table and chairs.  

What is your cancellation policy?

  • Week Day Rentals: cancellations must be made at least 5 days prior to rental date for full refund. Less than 5 days – 50% of rental amount.
  • Weekend rentals: Friday, Saturday, Sunday: must be cancelled 90 days prior to rental date for full rental refund. Less than 90 but more than 60 days cancellation will be 50% rental refund. Less than 60 days cancellation will be no rental refund.

When will my deposit be refunded?

All refunds, if entitled, will not be issued for a minimum of 15 days after completion of rental and/or proper cancellation. 

When is rent and liability insurance due?

Two weeks prior to your event setup date.

We would like to camp overnight on the grounds. Is that permitted?

  • The Fairgrounds does allow camping.   
  • Camping: $25.00 per day   No sewage hookup!
  • Approximately 120 camping spots with electricity; city water within the camping area


Additional Jasper County Fairgrounds Information


For additional information, contact:

Christal Kaufman 

219-866-4961, or cdkaufma@purdue.edu


Kelly Wright

219-866-5741, or wrigh405@purdue.edu